Aging in Community



Facing a Growing Population


By 2030, there will be more than 28,000 Jewish older adults over the age of 60 living in San Diego County and we believe it is our duty to ensure that these lives are cared for in the most dignified way possible. That’s why we created the Aging in Community Initiative to address those in need today – and prepare for the growing challenges ahead.


The goal of the Federation’s Aging in Community Initiative is to empower older Jewish adults to thrive in their home and community safely, independently, and comfortably - regardless of age, income, or social status. This can only be accomplished by pooling local Jewish organizations to from a communal approach at addressing these vital needs.


Our Vision 


We believe that a key component of “aging-in-community” hinges on the ability for seniors to receive essential services and maintain a strong connection to their community. 


Our Partners



Estimated San Diego Residents Aged 60+ by 2030

Read our 2013 study on aging populations in the San Diego community

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Wendy's Shabbat

Our Guiding Values

Dignity/B’tzelem Elohim

We respect the inherent dignity of each individual and their desire to live in the environment where they feel most comfortable.


From Generation to Generation/L’dor v’dor

Just as our elders nurtured and cared for our wellbeing, we shall nurture and care for theirs.



Connection to community has an immeasurable impact on an individual’s health and wellness.


Aging in Community Pilot Project
Jewish Community Social Worker Initiative

This pilot will leverage the unique assets of our partners to develop a localized approach to serving vulnerable seniors in their homes. A social worker will serve as a resource connector ensuring that seniors have access to food, transportation, and other vital services. This social worker will be stationed in the community and will train and empower synagogue members and staff to do home visits and connect them to socialization opportunities.

This is a three year pilot program in the college area.  


Together, We Make a Difference  

By developing strategies to support seniors who want to "age in community," we are preparing our community for the future. If successful, this pilot program could be duplicated throughout the country. Over the next year we anticipate serving at least 140 seniors, measuring our success in connecting them to services and evaluating the community's ability to provide volunteer support.


For more information contact Darren Schwartz, Chief Program Officer. 858.737.7157