Board of Directors 2017-2018

Brian Tauber  Board Chair * 
Theresa Dupuis  Immediate Past Board Chair *
Caryn Viterbi  Vice Chair ‐ Community Partnerships *
Robert Rubenstein Vice Chair and Secretary/Treasurer * 
Lori Polin Vice Chair ‐ Philanthropy *
Leo Spiegel Jewish Community Foundation Board Chair *
Simone Abelsohn  NextGen Board Chair 
Silvana Christy Women's Philanthropy Board Chair *
Samantha Cohen Women's Philanthropy Campaign Chair
Larry Acheatel Director‐at‐Large
Jonathan Bell Director‐at‐Large
David Bramzon Director‐at‐Large
Ira Feinswog Director‐at‐Large
Kira Finkenberg Director‐at‐Large
David Geffen Director‐at‐Large
Alexandra Hirschhorn Director‐at‐Large
Larry Katz Director‐at‐Large
Karen Kogut Director‐at‐Large
Lisa Kornfeld Director‐at‐Large
Seth Krosner Director‐at‐Large
James "Jim" Lewis Director‐at‐Large
Jack Maizel Director‐at‐Large
Jon Schneider z"l Director‐at‐Large
Steve Shulman Director‐at‐Large
Laura Tauber Director‐at‐Large
Laura Vainer Director‐at‐Large
Beth Sirull Permanent Guest (JCF President and CEO)
Michael Sonduck President & CEO
* = Executive Committee  



Audit Committee


This committee of the board of directors is responsible for oversight of the financial reporting process, selection of the independent auditor, and receipt and review of audit results. The committee helps the board of directors fulfill its corporate governance and oversight responsibilities in relation to Federation’s financial reporting, audit functions, and internal control systems, and to provide advice and recommendations to the board within the scope of its charter.


Finance Committee


This committee of the board of directors is responsible for providing financial oversight, including financial budgeting and reporting, and the creation and monitoring of accounting, investment, and risk management policies and internal controls to ensure the assets of Federation are protected. The committee is committed to providing good stewardship and building and preserving the financial resources necessary to support the accomplishment of Federation’s mission.


Women’s Philanthropy Board 2017-2018

Silvana Christy Women's Philanthropy Board Chair 
Samantha Cohen Women's Philanthropy Campaign Chair 
Lori Polin Campaign Chair 
Karen Kogut Past Board Chair 
Stacie Bresler-Reinstein Board Member 
Debbie Carnick  Board Member 
Britney Ewing  Board Member 
Andrea Feinswog Board Member 
Judi Gottschalk  Board Member 
Gina Guertin Board Member 
Naomi Harris Board Member 
Alexandra Hirschhorn Board Member 
Leigh Johnson  Board Member 
Stacey Katz Board Member 
Tamara Klein  Board Member 
Lisa Kornfeld Board Member 
Shana Lew  Board Member 
Meg Mandel  Board Member 
Olivia Okovita  Board Member 
Leah Pazol Board Member 
Lisa Pearl  Board Member 
Susan Shmalo  Board Member 
Karla Silver Board Member 
Laura Tauber  Board Member 
Laura Vainer  Board Member 
Lynn Waldman-Flax Board Member 
Sivia Mann Honorary Member
Rebecca Newman  Honorary Member

NextGen Leadership Board 2017-2018

Simone Abelsohn NextGen Chair
Benji Vinick NextGen Co-Chair 
Greg Hutto  Board Member 
Rayna Karoll Board Member 
Greg Kravit  Board Member 
Yoni Levinger Board Member 
Ben Naman Board Member 
Stephanie Malyn  Board Member 
David Petkofsky  Board Member 
Brian Remas Board Member 
Haley  Samiljan Board Member 
Kevin Tarson  Board Member 
Benji Vinick  Board Member 
Chelsea Winer Board Member 
Elliot Adler National Young Leadership Cabinet 
Jonathan Aires National Young Leadership Cabinet 
Jordan Berman National Young Leadership Cabinet 
David Bramzon National Young Leadership Cabinet 
Kira Finkenberg National Young Leadership Cabinet 
Debbie Maizel National Young Leadership Cabinet 
Carla Modiano National Young Leadership Cabinet 
Marcos Modiano National Young Leadership Cabinet 
Tal Moore National Young Leadership Cabinet