Jewish Camp Programs


Federation offers two different programs to send local kids to Jewish camps — One Happy Camper, for first-time campers, and Federation's Needs-Based Camp Scholarship.


Camp has proven to be a valuable resource in connecting children with their Jewish identity. For many campers, year-round connections are being made where none may have previously existed. Recognizing these strong connections between attending camp and becoming an active member of our Jewish community is the driving force behind our camping programs.


A new 2015 study reports that nearly 15% of attendee’s households are interfaith and 25% are unaffiliated with a synagogue. Children who attended camp have shown an increased awareness of their Jewish identity and participation in a synagogue or in their local Jewish community.


Federation’s camping program is part of Shalom San Diego, which aims to make our community the most welcoming, diverse, and inclusive Jewish community in the United States.

One Happy Camper 2015

Children Who Have Attended Camp

reported feeling pride in their Jewish identity

Camp creates an atmosphere where kids feel proud to be Jewish.

participcated and engaged in Jewish activities

By participating in a synagogue or in their local Jewish community.

of familes were looking at non-Jewish camps

Had the One Happy Camper incentive not been available to them.

of campers returned for a second year

The majority of One Happy Camper recipients return for a second summer.

Jewish Immersive Summer Experience


Federation has partnered with the Foundation for Jewish Camp to offer grants of up to $1,000 for San Diegan kids to experience their first Jewish overnight camp!






Federation's Jewish Resident Camp Scholarship Fund exists so that every Jewish San Diego youth may have the opportunity to go to Jewish summer camp. 


In 2017 Federation Jewish Summer Resident Camp Scholarship Fund distributed $37,000 to provide needs-based summer and day camp scholarships to San Diego families.

  • Why Go To Jewish Camp?

    The magic of Jewish camp is rooted in its 24/7 atmosphere. Jewish values, connection to Israel, and the culture of Judaism are entwined with basketball, arts and crafts and swimming — creating a community of campers that are proud to be Jewish.

  • Find Specialty Camps

    Summers at overnight camps are packed with a wide range of fun activities—aquatics, arts and crafts, basketball and soccer, dance, music, cooking, archery, drama, outdoor adventure and hiking, and much more! Campers are encouraged to discover new skills and interests they never knew they had.