International Leadership



Joan and Irwin Jacobs

Jerri-Ann and Gary E. Jacobs

Erna z"l and Andrew J. Viterbi

Prime Minister's Council

$100,000 - $249,999



Pauline Foster z"l

Patricia and Steven Mizel

Elaine Galinson and Herbert Solomon

Jean and Gary Shekhter

Beverly z"l and Joseph Glickman

Jacqueline and Bertram Woolf



King David Society

$25,000 - $99,999

Joan and Jeremy Berg
Cindy and Larry Bloch
Barbara Bloom
Elaine Chortek
Betty z"l and Melvin Cohn
Claire and David Ellman
Phyllis and Daniel Epstein
Erna Finci Viterbi Lion Of Judah Endowment Fund
Hattie Brooks z"l Endowment Fund
Diane and Elliot Feuerstein
Esther Fischer
Lara Woolf Grusd and Brandon Grusd
Hilary and Selwyn Isakow
Susan and David Kabakoff
Marjorie Kalmanson
Karen and Warren Kessler
Joanne and Mitch Leibovitz
Leichtag Foundation
Bernard Lewis z"l
Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management

Evelyn and Ernest Rady
Marie Raftery and Robert Rubenstein
Michael and Marilyn Rosen and Family
Rae and Edward Samiljan
Gayle and Donald Slate
Hannah and Eugene z"l Step
Gloria and Rod Stone
Laura and Brian Tauber
The Polis-Schutz Family Foundation
Sarah z"l and Nessim Tiano
Caryn and Alan Viterbi
Susan Chortek-Weisman and Eric Weisman
Tisch Alexzander-Weiss and Stuart Weiss
Dorothy and Stanley z"l Winter
Julie and Anton Woolf

Major Donors

$10,000 - $24,999

Sybil z"l & B.J. Adelson
Juli and Howard Bear
Judith and Lawrence Belinsky
Sharon and Ira Braverman
Sophie Brody z"l Lion of Judah Endowment
Theresa Dupuis and Gary Kornfeld
Jessica and Richard Effress
Emily and Daniel Einhorn
Naomi and Al Eisman
Lynn and Bert Epsten
Andrea and Ira Feinswog
Beverly and Richard Fink
Jessica and Robert Fink
Susanna and Michael Flaster
Sharon and Richard Gabriel
Trude Gitler Lion of Judah Endowment
Hanna and Mark Gleiberman
Lee and Frank M Goldberg
Lynn and Richard Gordon
Gina and Jea Guertin
Naomi and Wayne Harris
Samita Jacobs
Leigh and David Johnson

Andrew Kaplan
Margaret and Jerald Katleman
Gayle and Jerry Klusky
Lisa and Gregg Kornfeld
Carol and Richard Kornfeld
Lisa and Gary Levine
Sandra and Arthur Levinson
Cheryl and Gary Levitt
Arthur Levy
Shana and William Lew
Andrea Stein and James Lewis
Zita and Morris Liebermensch
Sylvia and Jaime Liwerant
Barbara and Mathew Loonin
Debbie and Jack Maizel
Sally and Luis Maizel
Marcia and Robert Malkus
Leslie Mark and Kenneth Gross
Esther and Carlos Michan
Anabel and Theodore Mintz
Rebecca and Lawrence Newman
Andrea and Lawrence Oster
Linda and Shearn Platt

Lori and Kenneth Polin
Lee and Stuart Posnock
Allison and Robert Price
Marlene and Michael Recht
Carole and Howard Robin
SAJAC San Diego
San Diego Private Bank
Reina and David Shteremberg
Karen and Jeffrey Silberman
Sharon and Jerome Stein
Bethany and Mark Stuckelman
Sunroad Automotive
Shelby Tauber
Renee Taubman
Carole and Jerome Turk
Audrey Viterbi and Daniel Smargon
Valerie and Alexander z"l Viterbi
Sharon and David Wax
Jamie and Kevin Wechter
Sylvia Wechter
Ruth and Stanley Westreich
Louis Wolfsheimer
Florence and Irwin Zahn


$1,000 - $9,999

Ingrid and Roger Scharpf
Janet and Larry Acheatel
Nancy and Herb Adelman
Judy and Allan Adler
Jonathan Aires
Beth and Phil Alpert
David Alpert
Lisa and Steven Altman
Rhonda Amber and Jonathan M Licht
Anastasia and Jerome Angel
Anne Ratner z"l Lion of Judah Endowment Fund
Barbara and Paul Arenson
Karen and Michael Aron
Arthur Q. Johnson Foundation
Barrett and Alain Avigdor
Joyce Axelrod and Joseph Fisch
David Bark
Laura Benedict and Michael Bark
Rusti Bartell-Weiss
Nan and Alan Barth
Ellen and Stewart Benkle
Linda and Michael A Bennett
Sherrie and Jonathan Benumof
Carla and Geoffrey Berg
Judy and Paul Berg
Joel Berger
Jacquelyn Tolley and Mark Berger
Ruth Nelson and Neil Berkowitz
Marsha Berkson
Lisa and Jay Berlin
Emily and Jordan Berman
Roberta and Ralph Berman
Julie and Edgar Berner
Sidney Bernsen
Amy and Jeffrey Bernstein
Rebeca and Roberto Besquin
Brenda and Wolf Bielas
Rita and Jerry Bierman
Terri Bignell
Barbara and Gary Blake
Blanchard, Krasner & French
Susan and Jay Bloom
Joyce and Robert Blumberg
Cindy and Steve Blumkin
Sharon and Richard Bockoff
Janice and D. Stephen Boner
Irene Borevitz
Jonathan Borok
David Bramzon
Lisa Braun-Glazer and Jeffrey Glazer
Lillie Breitbard z"l Endowment Fund
Jaime and Denisse Brener
Stacie Bresler-Reinstein and Jonathan Reinstein
Rebecca and James Brewer
Glen Brodowsky and Jon Segal
Julie and George Bronstein
Ann and Leonard Brown
Barbara Browne
Roseann and Steven Brozinsky
Barbara Bry and Neil Senturia
Liz and Isaac Calderon
Deborah and Daniel Carnick
Casa Familiar
Linda Carrozza and J. Michael Channick
Marc Channick
Penny Chaskelson and Errol Grolman
Shirley Chervin
Jack Chitayat
June Chocheles
Silvana and Richard Christy
Elizabeth and Daniel Coden
Florence Cohen
Gidon Cohen
Leah and Robert Cohen
Martha and Joseph Farish
Mina and Enrique Cohen
Samantha and Michel Cohen
Guadalupe and Ronald Cohn
Michelle and Aaron Cohn
Phyllis Cohn
Milton z"l & Renee Cokin
Linda and Scott Cole
Joan Cooper
Avrille Copans
Susana and Larry Corrigan
Amy Corton and Carlton Eibl
Pearl Cutler
Hedy and Ralph Dalin
Sharon and Stuart Davidson
Lesley Davis
Susan and Steven Davis
Rachel De Quesada Cohn and Mark Greenberg
Eduardo Deicas
Genee Delott-Glazier and Jordan Glazier
Sherry and Lawrence Delsen
Diane and Steven Demeter
Denise Clare Breitbard z"l Endowment Fund
Elena and Michael Deutsch
Debbie and Jeff Deverett
Bonnie and Ellis Diamond
Sandra and Sam Dimenstein
Dorothy Goldberg z"l Endowment Fund
Julie and Mitchell  Dubick
Karen Helrich and Bertram Edelstein
Monica and Samuel Efter
Robin and Leo Eisenberg
Toby Eisenberg
Aileen and Daniel Emer
Mary and Jon Epsten
Susan and Milton Erman
Jill and Jeffrey Essakow
Becki Lamont Etess and Edward Etess
Britney and Jeff Ewing
Candice and Robert Fagan
Jane Fantel
Heidi and John Farkash
Sharon and Adolfo Fastlicht
Jaime and Dan Feder
Inge Feinswog
Renee Feinswog
Belinda and Uri Feldman
Eleanor and Albert Feldman
Judy and Meyer Feldman
Susan and Bernard Feldman
Adrienne and Robert Feldner
Pam and Walter Ferris
Alberta Feurzeig
Rhona and Raymond Fink
Kira Finkenberg

Karen and Brian First
Miriam and Noel Fishman
Rachel Flamholz
Flora and Morris Mizel Foundation
Lisa Foster and Alan Bersin
Perla and Jules Fox
Beryl and Julian Frank
Susan and Philip Graubart
Harriet Fremland
Judith and William Friedel
Stephanie Kogan and Lawrence Fritz
Harold and Wendy Burk
Rashel and Jan Galicot
Stephanie and Trevor Garb
Allison and Daniel Gardenswartz
Melissa Garfield Bartell and Michael Bartell
Jean and Franklin Gaylis
Sylvia and David Geffen
Michael Gelfand
Maxine Gellens
Maxine and Arthur Geller
Gita and Hyman Gendloff
Gerber Goldschmidt Group
Mary Jo and Gilbert Gersenfish
Marla Sue and Gordon Gerson
Marcia and Matthew Gettinger
Gerald Gilberg z"l
Marcia Gilberg
Bobbie and Jon Gilbert
Ruth and Martin Gilboa
Francine and Phillip Ginsburg
Rae Glassman
Katherine Thompson and Andrew Glatt
Abraham Gleiberman
Phyllis and Morris Gold
Mindy Gold
Nancy Gold Seid and Colin Seid
Deanna and Edward Goldberg
Linda and Jerold Goldberg
Robyn and Steven Goldberg
Lucy Goldman
Michael Goldsmid
Stuart Gordon
Sylvia and Salomon Gorshtein
Dorita and Eugene Gotlieb
Roanne Gotthelf
Judi Gottschalk
Daniel Green
Liora and Orin Green
Lawrence Greenbaum
Jennifer and Richard Greenfield
Carrie and James Greenstein
Estelle Greenstein
Penny Chaskelson and Errol Grolman
Rebecca and Jerry Gumpel
Kay and William Gurtin
Bryna and Lawrence Haber
Alma Hadash Geiger and Jonathan Geiger
Diana L. Hahn
Henry Haimsohn
Merrill and Robert Haimsohn
Fern Platt and Jeffrey Hall
Taunya and Darryl Hall
Judith and Gerald Handler
Trisha and Ben Handler
Monica Handler-Penner and Amnon Gires
Denise Handler-Shoemakerand Stephen Shoemaker
Ruth and James Harris
Susan and Nathan Harrison
Marcia Hazan
Joel Heiser
Rita Heller
Lisa and Chuck Helsel
Elaine and Michael Hess
Joyce and Stanley Heyman
Alexandra and Ari Hirschhorn
Norma and Gary Hirsh
Cindy and Mark Hoffman
Michael Hopkins and James Lu
Cheryl and Gavin Horn
Jerry Horn
Jenny and Brian Ilfeld
Investment Placement Group
Rosa and Jack Iskin
Isaac Israel
Sonia and Andrew Israel
Audrey and Karl Jacobs
Jacqueline and Irvin Jacobs
Joan Jacobs
Ann and Richard Jaffe
Marsha Janger and Richard Shapiro
Jewish Community Foundation
Sonya and Sergio Jinich
Gabrielle Joel
Jenny and Julian Josephson
Natalie and Anthony Josephson
Jonathan Kabakoff
Maya and Bernardo Kanarek
Jeri and Morris Kaplan
Marjory Kaplan and Jean Jacques Surbeck
Avra and Barry Kassar
Barbara Goldman and Howard Katz
Berdele and Richard Katz
Larry Katz
Stacey and Alan Katz
Myra Bernard Kauderer
Eyla Boies and Richard Kaufman
Sheryl Kaufman
Sarah and Brian Keating
Edythe Kenton
Barbara and Selwyn Klein
Tamara and David Klein
Karen Kogut and Stuart Fearnley
Joyce and Michael Kole
Margaret and Michael Kopiec
Edith Koppel and Moselio Schaechter
Sharon and Nat Koren
Marcia and Charles Kossman
Ana and Jaime  Kozlowski
Mark Kramer
Joy and Harold  Krasner
Seth Krosner and Phil Johnson
Elena and Robert Kucinski
Ava Kurnow
Adam Kushnir
La Jolla Playhouse
Candice and Isaac Lagnado
Sanford Lakoff
Eleanor Laverson

Anita and Martin Lawson
Fanny Lebovits
Yvette and William Lechtner
Sharon Rosen Leib and Richard Leib
Mimi and Theodore Levine
Michael Levinson
Jennifer and Jay Levitt
Harlan Levy
Judy and Marshall Lewis
Hillary and Jeffrey Liber
Rhonda Amber and Jonathan Licht
Robyn and Derek Lichter
Edith Lichterman
Trisha and Larry Liebermensch
Nini Bedoy and Paul Liederman
Judith and Jack Lief
Cyril Light
Patricia Ungar and Philip Linssen
Sheila and Jeffrey Lipinsky
Arlene Pollard and Donald Lipkis
Carol and Michael Lipman
Harry Litman
Estelle and Hamilton Loeb
Heidi and Stefan Loren
Lawrence Lotzof
Lynn and Peter Louis
Sharon and Steven Tradonsky
Edith and David Maizel
Sharon and Jay Malkoff
Meg and Jess Mandel
Felicia and David Mandelbaum
Sivia and Norman Mann
Ellen Marks
Diane Marks Schachat and Howard Schachat
Dana and Carter Meiselman
Jenny Meiselman
Susie and Eli Meltzer
Ed Mendelsohn
Andriana and Brandon Mendiola
Merck Partnership for Giving Matching Gifts Program
Mandi and Wayne Meyer
Margaret and Paul Meyer
Jenny and Henry Michan
Silvana and Alberto Michan
Shelley and Paul Michelson
Tina Perry and David Michelson
Laurie and Bernard Michlin
Danielle and Brian Miller
Mintz Levin
Miriam Katzin z"l Endowment Fund
Ilene and Charles Mittman
Tamara and Clive Moch
Esther and Mario Modiano
Nohemi and Andrew Mopper
Marci and Ronnie Morgan
Susan and James Morris
Elizabeth Murphy
Murray Galinson z''l Endowment Fund
Anne Nagorner
Barbara and Sol Nagorner
Paul Neustein
Michael Newman
Mary and James Nierman
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
Judith Eisenberg and Mark Oberman
Maya and Steven Oberman
Linda and Larry Okmin
Paulette z"l and George L Olsher
Gabrielle and Glenn Oratz
Arlene and Daniel Orlansky
Jeanette and David Osias
Renee and Sidney Parker
Diane Sherman and Tad Parzen
Howard Pearl
Julius Pearl
Kelly and Jeremy Pearl
Lisa and Jonathan Pearl
Suzy and Robert Penner
Patricia and Richard Perlman
Pet Emergency & Specialty Center
Peter Chortek z"l Endowment Fund
Phil and Ruth Slonim Endowment Fund
Brian Pidgeon
Shirley and Harold Pidgeon
Erika and Jacobo Pienknagura
Sharon and Raulf Polichar
Arlene and Donald Lipkis
Shayna Kirschen Potash and Marc Potash
Julie and Lowell Potiker
Ellen Potter and Ronald Evans
Judy and Joel Pressman
Nancy and Allan Rabin
Robyn and Stanley Rapoport
Marcie Sinclair and Andrew Ratner
Mark Ratner
Ratner Endowment Fund for Israel Scholarships
Cheryl Rattner-Price
Linda and Robert Rauch
Jack Resnick
Laurena and Robert Resnik
Lois Richmond
Naomi and Laurence Rivkin
Patty and Barry Robbins
Linda and Fane Robinson
Charles Roseman
Arlene and Gerald Rosen
Judy Rosen
Sharon Rosen Leib and Richard Leib
Helen Rosenberg
Jami and Adam Rosenthal
Judy and Leonard Rosenthal
Michael Rossler
Janet and Ivan Rostovsky
Marion Rothman and Diane Castro-Rothman
Sheryl and William Rowling
Barbara and Norman Rozansky
Judith and Howard Rubenstein
Sari and Kenneth Rudy
Aviva and Jorge Saad
Nina Sabban
Joan and Roy Sable
Marcia and Raymond Sachs
Ellen and Anthony Sacks
Brigitte and Gerrard Salomon
Nicole and Brett Saloner
Rochelle and Alan Saloner
Alan Saltiel
San Diego Ice Arena
Sheryl and Bob Scarano

Diane Marks Schachat and Howard Schachat
Carolyn and Herbert Schaer
Lillian Scharlin
Joan and Paul Schauder
Carol and Edward Schechter
Judith and Robert S Scheinberg
Georgia and Alex Scheingross
Shari and Frederick Schenk
Amy and Bret Scher
Jane and Colin Scher
Linda and Barry Scher
Mary Ann and George Scher
Gloria Schiff
Arlene Schloss
Julia and Craig Schloss
Beverly Schmier
Elaine and Jerry Schneider
Karine and Enrique Schon
Mark Schuback
Jacqueline and Ivan Schuller
Ana Schwartz
Enid Schwartz
Evelyn and Hyman z"l Schwartz
Suzanne Schwartzman
Lee and Elliot Scott
Seacrest Village
April and Paul Segal
Jon Segal and Glen Brodowsky
Charlene Seidle
Denise and Sydney Selati
Janet and Douglas Selik
Judy and Melvin Selzer
Barbara Bry and Neil Senturia
Matthew Shakter
Esther Shapiro
Leah Shapov
Sam Shekhter
Barbara and Lawrence Sherman
Diane Sherman and Tad Parzen
Janice and Alan Shetzer
Shirley Ravet z"l Endowment Fund
Susan Shmalo
Denise Handler-Shoemaker and Stephen Shoemaker
Jane and Sydney Shore
Danielle and Steve Shulman
Ingrid Shulman
Harriet and Alan Shumacher
Zachary Shuman
Charlotte and Hano Siegel
Elizabeth and Mitch Siegler
Beth and Jerry Silverman
Dorit and Philip Silverman
Anne and Ronald Simon
Judith Harris and Robert Singer
Gerald Slavet
Marilyn and Stanley Smiedt
Jillian and Norman Smith
Miriam and David Smotrich
Cynthia and Eduardo Sneider
Stacy Soefer
Elyse Sollender
Esther and Steven Solomon
Florence and Irvin Sontag
Sophie Brody Lech L'cha Leadership Endowment Fund
Louarn and Alan Sorkin
Perna Southern
Tracy and Leo Spiegel
Melanie and Jeff Spiegelman
Amy and Charles Spielman
Dorothy Stein
Stephanie and Steven Steinberg
Jan Steinert and Richard Bosse
Ruth Stern and Morton Levy
Jill Stone
Jon Sundt
Jon Swift
Phoebe Telser
The Michael And Karen Stone Family Foundation Inc.
The San Diego Foundation Myron Feinberg Fund
Sarah Tiano z"l Endowment Fund
Patricia and John Tishler
Jacquelyn Tolley and Mark Berger
Karin and Tony Toranto
Sharon Mair and Steven Tradonsky
Rochelle and Paul Treger
Ilana and Samuel Umansky
Patricia Ungar and Philip Linssen
David Vainer
Isaac Vainer
Laura and Simon Vainer
Gillian and Evan Vapnek
Anita and Jordan Waldman
Michael Wallace
Bobbi Warren
Isabelle and Melvin Wasserman
Jack Wasserman
Barbara and Jeffrey Wasserstrom
Cathy and John Weil
Joanne and Howard Weiner
Robin Weiner
Libby and Allen Weingarten
Sally and Joshua Weinman
Sandra and Sheldon Weinstein
Sheila Weinstock
Joy and Stephen Weiss
Henry and Elaine Weissbuch
Mary Lynn and Lawrence Weitzen
Cynthia and Sydney Wexler
Eileen Wingard
Perri Wittgrove
Mary and Joseph Witztum
Olga and Oscar Worm
Rachael and Lance Yeaman
Judith and Marvin Zaguli
Ariela and Yosi Zagursky
Eva and Enrique Zagursky
Betty and Norman z"l Zander
Christy and Howard Zatkin
Karen and Robert Zeiger
Alan Zekelman
Edit and Boris Zelkind
Charlene Zieky
Helene and Allan Ziman
Susie and Paul Zlotnik
Norman and Jane Zmora
Joellyn and Ron Zollman
Sonia and Jose Zyman

Community Campaign

Up to $999

Jose Abadi
Shani and Gil Abed
Jodi and Glenn Abel
Mildred and Robert Abel
Melody and David Abeles
Brenda and Stephen Abelkop
Laura and Mark Abelkop
Nancy and Dean Abelon
Ryan Abelowitz
Jeffrey Abelsohn
Leahna Abelsohn
Simone Abelsohn
Joanne and Irving Abeson
Irene Abraham and Gabriel Vogeli
Stacy and Scott Abraham
Elana and Ary Abramovic
Rakhil and Lazar Abramovitch
Amy Abrams
Brae and Michael Abrams
David Abrams
Elanit and Larry Abrams
Miriam Abrams
Carole Roth-Abramson and Joel Abramson
Rachel and Brian Abramson
Shelley and Stephen Abramson
Wendy Abramson
Paula Abulafia
Annie and Michael Acheatel
Roland Achtel
Ellen and Thomas Adamson
Edward Adato
Jozef Adato
Maty and Eduardo Adato
Ariella and Moshe Adatto
Lawrence and Carolyn Addleson
Susan and Lonnie Adelman
Alan Adler
David Adler
Jacqueline and John Adler
Julie and Mark Adler
Raymond Adler
Elizabeth Aguilar
Cathy Aiello
Margot Aiken and Fred Gluckman
Darren and Kim Aires
Naomi Aires
Shaloha and Gary Aires
Golda Akhgarnia
Martha Alden
Albert Algazi
Elliott Allen
Todd Allen
Rosalyn and James Allina
Rebecca Almog
Eyal Alon
Gaye Alperin
Adina Alpert
Edith and Irving Alter
Lynne and Richard Altes
Claire and Amnon Altman
Amazonsmile Foundation Donation
Diana and Donald Ambrose
Jessica Amen
Irma and Philip Ames
Tamra and Daniel Amiram
Nathalie and Daniel Amkraut
Lee and David Amos
Barbara Amster
Judith and Harvey Amster
Pamela and Stan Amundson
Jacqueline and Melvin Ander
Yona Andranovich
Elena Andres
Ruth Anfangar
Keith Angel
Rick Annis
Judy Applebaum
Suzanne and Mark Appelbaum
Jill Arak-Zeman
Susan and Perry Arenson
Gillian Argoff-Treseder
Marci Arkin
Irene and Henry Armenta
Anne and Herbert Arnold
Betsy Arnold
Heather and Glenn Arnold
Jose Aroeste
Debra and Philip Aronoff
Pam and Richard Aronow
Joyce and Daniel Arovas
Kristi Arruza
Eva Artenstein
Jave and Reuben Artenstein
Dale Hammer and David Artis
Rebecca Arundale
Gillian Hemingway and Jonathan Asch
Raquel and Max Ashkenasi
Dor Ashur
Aram Askarifar
Eyal Askenazi
Kory Assef
Catherine Atkins
Bella Attix
Beverly and Jerome Auerbach
T. Austerlitz
Frances Autio
Claudia and Roberto Averbuj
Francesca Avila
Assaf Avissar
Wendy and Chaim Avraham
Harriet and Hyman Avrus
Lynn and Ilan Awerbuch
Yona Azriel
Katherine and Sydney Backman
John Badger
Natan Bakcht
Janice and Mark Baker
Lorri Baker
Lili and Bijan Bakhshi
Beth and Craig Ballen
Sharon Ballidis
Ann and David Balmin
Mary Austin-Bame and Lawrence Bame
Deborah Bank
Yoel Bank
Bank of America Matching Gifts Program
Rita Banos
Irene Barajas
Avner Barber
Margaret and Michael Barenblit
Joanie and Alan Bark
Shai and Shoshi Barkai
Frieda and Israel Barken
Leslie Solomon-Barker and James Barker
Shoshana and Zev Bar-Lev
Gale and Steven Barlow
Baabak Barman
Barbara Barmatz
Lawrence Barnes
Stephanie and James Barnhill
Renee Barnow
Bonnie and Lawrence Baron
David Baron
Sheryl and David L Baron
Zvi and Hadas Baron
Helene Barone
Shari and David Barsky
Marlene Bartel
Kenneth Barth
Barak Baruch
Fonna Forman-Barzilai and David Barzilai
Alan Baskin
Roberta and Stephen R Basser
David Basson
Tracey Batten
Hiam and David Baum
Marcelle Bayley and Isaac Asher
Michelle Bayma
Lynn Bazan
Maureen Bear
Rachel Bear
Sarah Bear
Deanne and Robert Beck
Steven Beck
Mark Becker
Rita Bederman and Henry Alpert
Abbie Behar
Melissa Behar
Pamela and Edmund Beimel
Kevin Beiser and Dan Mock
Deborah and Isaac Bejar
Felicia and Irwin Belcher
Tina Belinsky
Joyce Belk
Evelyn Bell
Jonathan Bell
Sara and Joseph Bell
Marlene Bellamy and Donald Maescher
Kristin Belsky
Rosa and Haim Belzer
Abraham Bemaras
Eli Ben
Dita and Eli Benarieh
Annie and Michel Benaroch
Ediz Benaroya
Enis Benaroya
Joel Benatar
Sean Benatar
Veronique and Claude Benchimol
Judith Bender
Irit Ben-Dor
Diana and Andrew Benedek
Sharon Benedek
Uri E. Benedek
Margaret Benedict and Randolph Philipp
Candace and Christopher Bengs
Morris Benguiat
Raquel Benguiat
Ilene Benkle
Sony Ben-Moshe
Camie Bennett
Tamara and Robert Bennett
Nadin and Alberto Benrey
Judy Bentovim
Lee and Amnon Ben-Yehuda
Leetal and Nir BenZvi
Judith Beraha
Tina Beranbaum and Mitchell Shack
Leslie and Jacob Bercovitz
Corinne and Daniel  Berdugo
Jack Berdy
Sadie and Morris Berelowitz
Susan Berez
Amy and Steven Berg
Beth and Paulo Berger
Beverly and Stanley Berger
Donna and Fred Berger
Frances Berger
Noreen and Moise Berger
Ruth Feldman and Norman Berger
Sylvia and Jerome Berger
Melissa Bergman
Erica and Joel Berick
Aliza and Michael Berk
Bari Berkman
Candace Berkman
Barbara and Gil Berkovich
Kevin Berkowitz
Susan and Howard Berlin
Joseph Berman
Merle Berman
Michael Berman
Scott Berman
Sharlene and David Berman
Dorothy and Arthur Bernard
Tinamarie Bernard
Susan and Irving Bernhardt
Joanie and Jeff Bernicker
Marjorie Berns
Adelle Bernstein
Arlene Bernstein
Beverly Hecker Bernstein and Leonard Bernstein
Fabian Bernstein
Jacqueline and Barry Bernstein
Janet Bernstein
Linda and Robert Bernstein
Steven Bernstein
Karen Berry
Joan and Kenneth Bersofsky
Robert Berton
Amanda and Harry Berzak
Jodi Berzak-Wolf
Amy and Stanley Besser
Rina Bessudo
Lynda and Mark Better
Genie and Brad Bianchi
Bertica Bibliowicz
Maty Feldman-Bicas and Bernardo Bicas
Carol and Oliver Biederman
Alex Biehl
Hollie and Evan Bierman
Rebecca Bierman
Bronya Binun
Barbara and Mitchell Birenbaum
Adam Birnbaum and Angela Nahl
Deena Birnbaum
Janina Zukotynski and Jacob Birnbaum
Jessie and Josh Birnbaum
Julie Birnbaum
Charles Biton
Iris and Jacques Bitton
Margaret and Haim Bitton
Nicole and Brian Blacher
Laurie Black and Robert Lawrence z"l
Lisa and Kenneth Klein
Mary and Burton Blackman
David Blake
Gayle Blatt and Michael Eisengart
Natalya and Sanford Blaze
Toby and Marvin Blecker
Jodie Block
Jon Block
Esther and Jack D Bloom
Shelly Bloom
Heidi and Bernard Blotner
Charlotte and Leo Bluestein
Andrea and Steven Blum
Brandon Blum
Debra Blum
Dinur Blum
Pearl Blumberg
Marcy and Isaac Blumberg
Jeanne and Andrew Blumenfeld
Eric Blumenthal
Helen Ross and David Blusztejn
Harriette and Jack Bober
Jolene and Jerrold Bodow
Dianne Bodzin
Lisa and Jedd Bogage
Ilana and Mauricio Bogomolny
Leah and Avram  Bogopulsky
Trudie Bohm
Karen and Robert Bohrer
George Boland
Howard Bolotin
Peter R. Bonavich
Melanie and Jonathon Book
Louis Bookheim III
Paige Bookoff
Richard Boothroyd
Jill Borg Spitzer and Charles Spitzer
Jan and Brian Borkum
Sandy and Larry Bornstein
Cliff Boro
Bernice and Dovid Borok
Lee Bortnicker
Helene and David Bortz
Albert Botushansky
Ken Bourke
Galina Boyce
Lauren Boyer
Daniel Brami
Emanuel Brantz
Liran Braude
Marilyn Braun
Marion and Andrew Braun
Ruthy and Izzy  Braun
Susan and Richard Braun
Mae and Henry Braunstein
Gail and Mark Braverman
Geraldine Brech
Roni Breite and Maurice Pessot
Anne and Harvey Brenner
Deborah Brenner
Jarrod Brenner
Len Brenner
Andrew Breskin
Manijeh and Stephen Breskin
Stefanie Levine and Michael Breslauer
Noah Breslauer
Karen and Theodore Bresler
Myra and Irwin Bressel
Bernice and Martin Bressler
Leah Bressler
Myeva and Simeon Brett
Eloise Stiglitz and Alan Breus
Bela and Moris Breziner
Jessi and Yoni Breziner
Karen and Jaime Breziner
Evan Bricker
Judith and Kent Bricker
Barbara Brietigam
Dana Bristol-Smith
Susan and Philip Brodie
Nina and Daniel Brodsky
Jill Brody
Marya Brokhman
Batya Bronzwaig
Amy Bronzwaig
Binnie Brooks
Keren Brooks
Helene and Lee Brottman
Howard Brotman
Rosalyn and Steven Brotman
Pamela and Abraham Broudy
Lillian Brounstein
Ellen Brown
Elizabeth and Seth Brown
Gary Brown
Janine and Scott Brown
Joni Brown
Neal Brown
Sandra Brown
Marla Brucker
Lynn and Michael Bruser
Lori Pivo and Giacomo Bucci
Jo Anne Berelowitz and Richard Buccigross
Rahmin Buckman
Deborah Bucksbaum
Pat and Michael Buczaczer
Vanina Bunton
Miriam and David Burakoff
Gabi Arad and Josh Burrows
Cecile Burstein Kristal
Diane and Michael  Busch
Jessie Bustamante
Avril and Avi Butbul
Gisele Buzali
Sonia Caballero-Sofer
Ellen Margolis and Lawrence Cahn
Nadav Caine
Samantha Caldwell
Flora Calem Flam and Seth Flam
Allison and Bill Callahan
Eva Camhi
Joyce Camiel
Frances Caminer
Linda Campman
Bilge Pakiz-Camras and Marc Camras
Dominique Cannon
Jan Capon
Nechama and Zalman Carlebach
Jane and Ira Carlin
Rachel and David Carnick
Kimberly Carnot
Jacqueline and Jim Carr
Linda and Stephen Carson
Sandra and Dennis Carson
Sandra and Robert Carter
Cherri and William Cary
Ella Cashuk
Ella Prager-Cashuk and Theodore Cashuk
Leslie and Shlomo Caspi
Tamar Caspi
Janese Cassel
Jenna Cassell
Adrienne and David Castiglione
Edward Castro
Doreen and Morris Casuto
Loren Casuto
Frida and Rafael Cattan
Dvora and Stephen Celniker
Carol and Stephen Center
Georgia and Joel Chait
Ann and Alan Chaitin
Yehuda Chakoff
Lawrence Chaleff
Alicia and Alberto Chaljon
Brian Chandler
Jennie Chandra
Dmitry Chaplik
Annie Charlat
Rosalie and Martin Charlat
Zena Charlebois
Tammy Chatfield
Michael Chatzky
Daniel Chayet
Judith Chazin
Sarra and Boris Chebruch
Raquel Cheirif
Henri Chekroun
Uzi Chen
Stacey and Karton Chenelle
Arkady Chernin
Veronika Chernyak
Shai Cherry
Joan and Louis Chesner
Steven and Adina Chinowsky
Carine and Allen Chitayat
Shelli Chosak
Crystal Chouinard
Ronda Chowaiki and Alberto Chowaiki
Elizabeth and Rand Christensen
Linda and Jeff Church
Shirley and Byron Cirlin
Aba Claman
Sara Clancy
Ellyn Clark
Polly and Chris Clark
Maia Clewley
Pat and Gary Clorfeine
Helen and Michael Cobb
Sara and Don Cochenour
Barbara Coffey
Anita Cohen
Avalee and Howard Cohen
Barbara and Richard Cohen
Bobbi Cohen
Bonnie and Arthur Cohen
Carolyn and David Cohen
Cathy Breslaw and Paul Cohen
Deborah Cohen
Esther Cohen
Gertrude Cohen
Jennifer Cohen
Joy Heitzman and Ivan Cohen
Julie Cohen
Karen and Kenneth Cohen
Lauren Cohen
Linda Cohen
Loris Cohen
Louise and Jack Cohen
Margo and Albert Cohen
Marion Cohen
Marshall Cohen
Michelle Cohen
Miriam Cohen
Moriel Cohen
Myrna and Michael  Cohen
Nancy Cohen
Nicole Cohen
Orly and Alex Cohen
Rachel Cohen
Raquel Cohen
Renee Cohen
Rita Cohen
Roberta and Mark Cohen
Robyn Cohen
Robyn Cohen
Robyn and Brad Cohen
Suzanne Cohen
Toby and Howard Cohen
Vicky and Edward Cohen
Zach Cohn
Marsha Cohn
Susan Cohn
Marilyn and Brian Cole
Carol and Mitch Cole
Lesley Cole
Jesica and Aaron Coleman
Karen Coleman
Rayna and Adam Colton
Marti Colwell
Jacob Combs
Congregation Beth Israel
Beverly Conner
Mara Cook
Dahlia and Rotem Cooper
Jean and Randi Coopersmith
Keri and Shaun Copans
Leslie Corbell
Ida and Albert Cornofsky
Jorie Corush
Janette Cory
Laurie Coskey
Susan and Damon Couch
Shiri and Jack Covalin
Lynn and Jorge Covarrubias
Ruth Covell
Fay and Ralph Crevoshay
Elizabeth Crisafi
Naomi Crosby
Judith Crowley
Gene and Franklin Crystal
Elayne and Jerry Cudmore
Lisa Cuestas
Eilene and Arthur Cummins
Carol and Timothyl Cunningham
Alice and Richard Cupples
Eva Curavic
Lindsay Curtis
Madaline and Adam Curtis
Iris and Stewart Cutler
Evelyn Cutler
Adam Dahan
Joey Dahan
Melissa and Yoram Dahan
Nizar Elie Dahdouh
Jami and Daniel Dajman
Carrie Daly
Monica and Barry Dancher
Stephanie and Jeffrey Danial
Esperanza Daniel
Salomon Daniel
Courtney Rose Dantus
Charles Dashe
Jan d'Assalenaux
Jody d'Assalenaux
Julie and Paul Datnow
Merle and Brian Datnow
Rebecca Datnow
Roy David
Diana and Aron Davidson
Carol Davis
Deborah Davis
Lauren Davis
Marisa Gayne and Paul Davis
Marisa Davis
Melissa and Brian Davis
Miriam Davis
Donna and Larry Dawson
Maya Dayan
Rita and Larry Deckel
Thibaud Dehasque
Alan Deicas
Liliana and Mauricio Deicas
Rebecca Del Toro
Ethel Delawie
Douglas Denney
Kathleen Dennis
Shoshana and Kenneth Dennis
Karen and Paul DePodesta
Luis Derechin
Jackie and David Diamond
Marcie Diamond
Natalie and Sheldon Diamond
Perry and Michelle Diamond
Ronnie and Lorna Diamond
Riguel Diaz Jaufer
Kristi Dickinson
Dolores Dickstein
Eva-Lynn Diesenhaus
Frank Digaetano
Ileanna Digiacinto
Margaux Dinerman
Mindy and Douglas Disraeli
Esther and Tony Dobrin
Lauren and Mike Dolinka
Gabriela Dondisch Domville and Ricardo Dondisch
Adolfo Dorenbaum
Marina and Vladimir Dorfman
Elena Doria
Seth Dorros
Dore Dorzia
Rona Dosick
Ellen Kaufman and Wayne Dosick
Margot Doucette
Ruth and Steven Douek
Helen Dover
Rumi Dover
Laurie and Todd Doyle
Judith Dresser
Linda Dreyfuss
Arlene Drucker
Mark Drucker
Ora and Ahron Duben
Sylvia Dubovoy
Brenda Ducloux
Alicia Duek
Natalia Duek
Bonnie Dumanis
Clara Dunitz
Pamela Dunn
Richard Dupuis
Robyn and Loren Duveen
Judith Dveris
Estee Dvora
Gwen Gordon and Bension Dworkin
Howard Dworkin
Howard Dyckman
Sherri and James Earle
Liz and Matthew Earne
Wendy and Todd Edelglass
Sarah Edelstein
Yael and Shaun Edelstein
Nancy and Salomon Edid
Rise and Barry Edney
Jennifer and Carl Edwards
Rachael Edwards
Sarah Effress
Shirley Efron
Eduardo Efter
Alan Efter
Matthew Egel
Byrne Gardner-Eger and Richard Eger
Deborah and Rolf Ehlers
Claudia Ehrlich
Lee and Joel Ehrlich
Wendy Eichenbaum
Sally and Enrique Eichner
Kineret Einav
Floralynn Einesman
Joanne and Allan Einhorn
Randall Einhorn
Edith Eis
Kurt Eisemann
Sally Eisen and Peggy Eisen Thayer
Lori and Irving Eisenberg
Debbie and Scot Eisendrath
Jeffrey Eisman
Mona Elberger
Louis Elfenbaum
Diana and Shahab Elihu
Susan Elihu and Ramin Sinaee
Shannon and Ofer Elkayam
Reine ElKrief
Paul Ellenbogen
Adam Ellis
Meryn and Sam Ellis
Dawne and Douglas Ellison
Joanne and Harry Ellison
Aviva and Daniel Ellman
Cheri Ellowitz
Sean Elo
Judith and Michael Elovitz
Barbara and Larry Emdur
Helen Rozenfeld and Max Emma
Susan and Michael Engel
Jane Engelman
Jean Enoch
Arnold Epel
Len Epstein
Linda and Marvin Epstein
Sadi Erfani
Allen Erle
Danielle Erle
Ezra Erle
Tamy and Gabriel Erle
Carlos Escaba
Hudi Eshel
Tina Eshel
Robin and Cary Eskow
Arjang Esmaelzadeh
Norma and Nathan Essakow
Rosemary and Clive Essakow
Sari and Jim Esserman
Tsvi Estline
Doreen and Marvin Estrin
Karen and Robert Evans
Randall Evilsizer
Baruch and Esther Ezagui
Carly Ezell and Jason Lobenstein
Beth Faber Jacobs
Sara Fabian z"l
Ellen and Jerry Fabrikant
Stanley Fader
Jennifer Fagan
Julia Fagin
Claudia and Yeshaiahu Fainman
Howard Falberg
Ester Famiglietti
Ramesh and Jamshid Farajzadeh
Shirley and Edward Farajzadeh
Barbara and Martin Farfel
Sanaz Farhadian
Selma Farkas
Shirley Farley z"l
Ruth Fasja
Leslie Fastlicht Russo and Marc Russo
Eve Faucet
Mila and Ken Favilukis
Aura and Terry Fechter
Jason Feder
Mark Feder
Edward Federman
Susan and Barry Fefferman
Robert Feier
Nancy and Herschel Feigelson
Matthew Feil
Judith Feinberg
Deena Feinman
Jaci Feinstein
Jean Feinstein
Irene Feintech Fox
Karen and Steven Feitelberg
David Felber
Merril and Franklin Felber
Barbara and Howard Feldman
Dalia Feldman
Howard Feldman
Linda and Gary Feldman
Nomi Feldman
Sara and Avi Feldman
Sara and David Feldman
Sarita Feldman
Sofy and Alexander Feldman
Elizabeth and Neil Fellows
Chana and Shlomo Fellus
Hannah Fellus
Andrea Szulik Ferdman and Bernardo Ferdman
Lisa Feren and Michael Firen
Alison Ferry
Anna and Isaac Fertel
Phyllis and Perry Feuer
Elaine Feuer-Barton and Richard Barton
Carly and Brett Feuerstein

Ann Fichman
Sarah Fields
Willa and Edward Fields
Alisa and Adam Fierer
Ashley Fifield
Janet Figueroa
Fortune and Viktor Filiba
Doris Finestone
April and Mathew Fink
Mauricio Finkel
Jessica Finkler
Judy Finn
Shirley and Howard First
Lauren Fischbein
Erica Fischer
Joyce Fischer and Louis Klass
Melanie and David Fish
Alana and Marc Fishel
Chloe Fisher
Dan Fisher
Laurie and Jeff Fischer
Leonard Fisher
Lorraine and Robert Fisher
Lynn and Curtis Fisher
Marcia and Peter Fisher
Naomi Gabai-Fisher and Harold Fisher
Sherilyn Fisher
Lori and Glen Fishman
Marilyn and Leonard Fishman
Marilyn and Stanley Fishman
Deborah and Garry Flam
Jason Flam
Shellie and Abie Flaster
Danny Fleischer
Nancy and Arnold Flick
Arlene and Martin Fogel
Cheryl and Zev Fogel
Diane Bradley and Lawrence Forman
Gail and Jack Forman
Rhoda Forrest
Roberta Foss
Linda and Brian Foster
Carol and Ron Fox
Hanna and Joseph Fox
Regina and Edward Fox
Ruthlyn and Ben Fox
Sonia Fox-Ohlbaum and Kenneth Ohlbaum
Karen Fox-Vance
Doris and Josef Fradkin
Zelda and Eli Fradkin
Cynthia and Howard Fram
Marcia and Leonard Fram
Adam France
Ben Frank
Betsy and John Kafka
Beverly and Jack Frank
Davida Shreiber and David Frank
Lisa Frank and Robert Morton
Lori and Jeff Frank
Ariel and Daniel Frankel
Mindi and Douglas Frankel
Robert Frankel
Michael Freed
Susan Freed
Saralyn and Stanley Freedman
Tanya and Ian Freedman
Avraham Freeman
Jeff Freeman
Karen Freeman
Marilyn Freeman
Tami and Marcello Freiberg
Bella Freifeld
Charlotte Freifeld
Lauren Frey
Stephanie and Philippe Frid
Ana Kasirer-Friede and Irwin Friede
Lois and Donald Friedlander
Annette and Edward Friedlein
Douglas Friedman
Edward Friedman
Erica and Aaron Friedman
Gayle and Arnold Friedman
Jaime and Brian Friedman
Jan and Edward Friedman
Janet Schenker and Barry Friedman
Julia and Edward Friedman
Sharon and Harlan Friedman
Andrea Frimmer
Debra Frischer
Karen and Eduardo Frischwasser
Sue and Benjamin Frishberg
Renee Fritz
Jan and Helane Fronek
Frederick and Leslie Frumin
Pablo Fuenzalida
Nathan Fuhrer
Donald Fuhrman
Greta Fuhrman and Adam Rauchwerger
Jessica Fuhrman and Hershel Sakulsky
Caitlin Fuller
Ellen Furey
Ellen and Fred Furman
Israel Furmansky
Ellen and Peter Gabor
Simone Kanter and Graeme Gabriel
Eileen and Steve Gaffen
Lisa Barnhouse-Gal and Steven Gal
Evon and Peter Gal
Ifat and David Galante
Raquel and Jose Galante
Sara and Yoel Galante
Brigitte and Barry Galgut
Debbie and Allan Galgut
Sara Galico-Duek and Salomon Duek
Ana and Jose Galicot
Karen Galicot
Karla and Rafael Galicot
Melissa and Gregorio Galicot
Sylvia and Julio Galicot
Marilyn and Roger Gallegos
Helen Galnick
Taly Galor
July Galper
Louis Galper
Rita and Irwin Galter
Donna and Robert Gans
Heidi Gantwerk and Andrew Mayer
Carolina Garber
David Garber
Lotte Garber
Raquel Garber Baker
Sofia Gardenswartz
Alyssa Gardner
Dianne and Daniel Gardner
Julie and Andrew Gardner
Julia Garwood
Joan and Arnold Gass
Eileen and Daniel Gaudette
Paulal and Stuart Gayler
Rhoda Gaylis
Lynda Gaynor
Brian Geffen
Victoria and Eitan Geft
Lois and Harvey Gelb
Al Gelbart
Eric Gelbart
Frances Gelbart
Kristine and Richard Gelbart
Claire Gelfman
Debra Geller
Shelley Gellman
Ellen and Max Gelwix
Deborah and Marcus Gerber
Evan Gerber
Ronna Gerber
Arturo Gerson
Adina Gerson-Gurwitz
Daniel Gertler
Dena and Alexander Gerwer
Jessica Geshay
Robert Gettinger
Diane and Joseph Gezelter
Barbara Giammona
Oshrit Giese
Shirley and Richard Gilbert
Renee and Anthony Gild
Lori Gildred
Merrill Gill-Cohen and Morris Cohen
Tammy and David Gillies
Lara Gillman
Tara and Dustin Gillman
Lee Gilroy
Joanne and Kenneth Gimbel
Iris and David Gimbel
Glenda and Philip J Ginsburg
Felicia Hershey Gipsman and Marc Gipsman
Robin and Lawrence Gitman
Dianna and Jerrold Gittelman
Alberta and Marc Gittelsohn
Arlette Glaser
Jolie Glass
Dana and Craig Glasser
Sondra Glazer z"l
Gavriel Gleiberman
Judy and Gordon Glenn
Emilia and Boris Glezer
Pamela and Gary Glick
Sharon Glickman
Michael Glickstein
Crystal Glimka
Elaine Gliner
Barbara and Martin Gluck
Jacqueline and David Gmach
Andrea and Russell Gold
Brandy Gold
David Gold
Ilana and Joe Gold
Leta and Russ Gold
Patrice and Daniel Gold
Pnina Gold
Susan and Claude Gold
Wendy Gold Leberman
Brenda and Michael Goldbaum
Bar-Giora and Pnina Goldberg
Gregory Goldberg
Holly and Lee Baumann
Meryl and Warren Goldberg
Myrice and Roland Goldberg
Rory and Melvin Goldberg
Zelanna Goldberg
Sara and Ron Goldblum
Caren Golden
Renee and Irvin Golden
Richard Golden
Sandy and Harris Golden
Shani Goldgrub
Joseph Goldhammer
Susan Golding
Mia Babson Goldklang and Robert Goldklang
Marvin Goldlust
Gayle Goldman
Jennifer Goldman
Linda and Harris Goldman
Ruth and Robert Goldman
Sara and Dean Goldman
Ruth and Deon Goldschmidt
Sharon and William Goldschneider
Keri and Steven Goldsmid
Alan Goldstein
Carolina Goldstein and Isidoro Behar
Cindy and Todd Goldstein
Daniella and Alexander Goldstein
Eva and Strul Goldstein
Jerry Goldstein
Laura and Leonardo Goldstein
Leia and Moises Goldstein
Marinel Goldstein
Meg and Allan Goldstein
Hernan Goldsztein
Carol and Jonathan Goldwasser
Louise and Boyd Goldwyn
Melvin Goldzband
Julia Thompson and Daniel Goldzband
Tanya Golz Ingorvate and Hank Ingorvate
Cheryl and Laszlo Gombos
Katherine and Fernando Gonzales
Vincent Gonzales
Sasona and David Goodblatt
Sharon and Eric Goodis
Albert Goodman
Andrea and Michael Goodman
Cheryl L. Goodman
David Goodman
Frances and Miles Goodman
Ira Goodman
Marla and Julie Schmidt
Sharon and Eric Goodman
Sheryl and Mark Goodman
Tanya Goodman
Sharyn Goodson
Henriette Goodwin
Helen and Maury Goosenberg
Bob Gordon
Denise and Andrew Gordon
Ellen and Peter  Gordon
Eugene Gordon
Jon Gordon
Linda and Robert Gordon
Myrna and Jeoffry Gordon
Nancy and Michael Gordon
Rhoda and Robert Gordon
Rhona and Richard Gordon
Lina and Alan Gorinstein
Dennis Gorman
Enrique Gorodezky
Susan and Tobias Gorodzinsky
Brett Gottlieb
Lital Gottlieb
Mary Marshall and Steven Gould
Lee Gould
Mara and Scott Goverman
Susan and Barry Graceman
Jeff Grad
Bonnie and Barry Graff
Jordan Graham
Susie and Bob Graham
Margaret and Schuyler Grant
Helen Gravlin
Richard Graydon
Ruth Grayson
Julia and Robert Grazian
Claire and Melvyn Green
Devorah and Joe Green
Elisheva and Alan Green
Stuart Green
Uriel Green
Jacqueline and Sidney Greenbaum
Deena Greenberg
Gary Greenberg
Genell Greenberg and Alex Green
Laurie Greenberg
Martin Greenberg
Michael Greenberg
Phyllis and Alfred Greenberg
Alicia Greene
Beverlee and Pat Greene
Jana and Randy Greene
Jeanne and Larry Greene
Alan Greenfield
David Greenfield
Patricia Greenfield
Judith and Bernard Greenspan
Diane Greenspun
Christine and Robert Greenstein
Marlene Greenstein
Mary Radley and Howard Greenstein
Gertrude and Clarence Greenwald
Susan and Irwin Greer
Ellen Goren-Greyson and Richard Greyson
Jean Griffis
Anita and Christopher Griffith
Rebeca and Benjamin Grinstein
Deborah and Stephen Groban
Mike Grosman
Carla Grosmann
Erica Treger-Gross and Gil Gross
Jamie Gross
Joan and Steven Gross
Joan and Lou Gross
Karen and Dale Gross
Luanne and Herbert Gross
Marci and Marc Gross
Michele Gross
Nikki Schweitzer and Stuart Gross
Ronna and Hal Gross
Sheryl and Ronald Gross
Shoshana Grossbard and Robbie Yaronne
Gayle Grossman
Jay Grossman
Marilyn Growe
Karen Gruenberg
Bonnie Grunin
Miriam and Michael Guberek
Frida and Nik Gulkarov
Barry Gumbiner
Judith Gumbiner
David Gumpel
Devorah and Itzhak Gurantz
Violet and Benjamin Gurfinkel
Lisa Gurner
Ellen Gusikoff
Andrea and Brian Guss
Barbara and Mark Guss
Ori Guttin
Adelaide Guzick
Carol Costarakis and Rolf Haas
David Haas
Cara and Mark Haberman
Jacques Hadida
Susan Hagler
Judith Hahn
Julie and Howard Haimsohn
Shiri Haines
Devorah and Yonatan Halevy
Susan and Jaimie Halliday
Sheri Hallis
Joni and Samuel Halpern
Robin Halter
Asmaa Hameed
Aileen and Melvin Hammer
John Hammerstrand
Marlene and Marc Hamovitch
Kristin and Andrew Hampshire
Marc Hans
Judy Hante and Steve Forney
Itamar Harari
Estelle and Joseph Harf
Michelle and Lee Haripko
Michael Harnett
Gloria and James Harris
Stacy Harris
Susan and Louis Harris
Amy Hart
Sari Hartman
Toby Hartman
Rae Harvey
Patti Haskell
Tanya Hastings
Alan Haubenstock
Lori Shearer and Brian Haubenstock
Ben Havis
Susan and Charles Hayman
Ashleigh Hayworth
Shana Hazan
Margo Hebald
Elaine Heber
Emm Hecht
Joy and Mayer Hecht
Dean Hecker
Maya Heffernan
Lisa Heikoff and David Katzer
Wynne Heilbrunn
Eileen and Morton Heinrich
Helene Held
Anne Heller and Daniel Tomsky
Michal and Chaim Heller
Harvey Helsel
Rachel Hen
Larisa Hendrick
Mary Hendricks
Lorraine Hennessy
Marsha Herman and Chris Saunders
Sandra and Richard Herman
Sandy and Elliot Herman
Sandy Herman
Sheila Herman
Angel Hernandez
Carol and Colin Hernstad
Jason Hernstad
Elissa and Larry Herring
Ilana Herring
Myra Herrmann
Roxanne and David Hersh
Susan and Harvey Hershkowitz
Joan and David Herskowitz
Silvia and Ron Herstik
Pauline Herzek
Gabby Hettena
Brianne and AJ Hewitson
Jeri Rubin and Brian Hext
Marsha and Don Hicks
Lois and Arnold Hill
Dee Hiller
Ronda and Joseph Hipshman
Leonard Hirsch
Kathy Beitscher and Isaac Hirschbein
Tracy and Gary Hirschfeld
Yaffa Hirschhorn
Emily Hirsekorn
Linda and Gerald Hirshberg
Gabrielle and Steven Hochberg
Mildred Hock
Victoria and Greg Hodosevich
Heather and David Hofflich
Andrew Hoffman
Beth Hoffman and Martin Eglitis
Gillian and Gad Hoffman
Sarah B. Hoffman
Sue Hoffman
Mary Holley
Pamela Hollick
Marlene and Bob Holloway
Natalie and Jack Holtzman
Sarah and James Holtzman
Robert Horlick
Lori and John Horner
Lynne and Jeffrey Horowitz
Melinda and Steven Horowitz
Anita Hosenpud
Randi and Kelvin Hosking
Greg Houska
Gregory Houska
Jimmy Housley
Lila and Harold Hower
Hp Ink
Deborah and Scott Huennekens
Kathy and John Huish
Susan Huniu
Debra Hunt
Jennifer Hunt
Liana Hunt
Laura and Brad Hurvitz
Joyce Hyam
Debbie and Todd Hyatt
Denise and Paul Hyde
Kim Hydorn
Jordan Hytken
Kent Hytken
Ionit Iberkleid
Raja Iglewicz
Bertha Ilko
Laura Ilko
Marie and Robert Ilko
Tammy Ilko
Leslie and Kenji Ima
Tal Inbar Altman
Jacqueline and Israel Ismaj
David Israel
Frances and Burton Israel
Ken Israel
Kimberly Simms Israel and Bobby Israel
Taylor Israel
Laurie Itkin
Lee Itzhaki
Raz Itzhaki
Greg Jabin
Lois and Samuel Jacobs
Inez and Merrill Jacobson
Joan Jacobson
Lila Jacobson
Shari and David Jacobson
Sima Jacobson-Oppenheimer and Joseph Oppenheimer
Howard Jacoby
Sara and Irving Jacoby
Linda and Michael Jaffe
Rachelle and Charles Jagolinzer
Liliane and Richard Janer
Linda and Edward Janon
Fred Jappe
Sarina Jassy
Sharon and Leo Jassy
Gini Jayson
Jeanne and John Jenkins
Emily and James Jennewein
Adam Jennings
Carole and Eric Jensen
Elizabeth Jeter
Daniela and Ricardo Jinich
Eduardo Jinich
Eli Jinich
Karen and Roberto Jinich
Marilyn Johns
Rochelle Jones
Cecile Jordan
Neil Jordan
Ruth Jordan
Leslie Joseph
Laura and Myron Jucha
Diane and Richard Just
Brad Kaatz
Michelle Lalouche-Kadden and Mark Kadden
Marilyn and Leopoldo Kahn
Pepe Kahn
Rachel Selk and Steven Kahn
Lisa and Douglas Kalal
Martin Kalish
Shirley and Fred Kallet
Jaime Kalman
Angela and Isaac Kamahi
Barbara Kamesar
Cathy Kamin
Neta Kaminski
Sara and Izhak Kaminski
David Kamper
Johanna Kanae
Susan Kanfer
Joelle and Leon Kanner
Julia Kapchinskiy
Dena and Marc Kaplan
Esther and Lawrence Kaplan
Lenore Kaplan
Linda Kaplan
Lyn and Daniel Kaplan
Mindy Kaplan and Marc Poland
Ruth Kaplan
Ruth and Marvin Kaplan
Sherri and Roy Kaplan
Susan and George Kaplan
Yonina and Danny Kaplan
Rayna Karoll
Gail Karon and Fred Fox
Ilana and Samuel Karp
Jason Karp
Ken Karsh
Stacey Kasendorf and Bj Brose
Jan and Irving Kass
Linda and Norman Kass
Kate and John Kassar
Harry Katcher
Lisa and Roy Katriel
Adam Katz
Ann and Howard Katz
Boris Kats
Candy and Eugene Katz
Dorothy and Jerome Katz
Hilda and Joseph Katz
Josh Katz
Joshua Katz
Judy and Julius Katz
Kathy Katz
Keri and Aaron Katz
Marilyn Katz
Roxanne and Norman Katz
Sandra and Stan Katz
Wendy and Arnie Katz
Ileana and Omer Katzenelson
Nadja and Emanuel Kauder
Dori and Charles Kaufman
Inez Kaufman
Marion and Norbert Kaufman
Mark Kaufman
Shayna and Eric Kaufman
Ann and Steven Kavy
Harriette and Herbert Kay
Joan Kaye
Jodi and Michael Kaye
Heather and Brandon Keith
Midge and Mike Kellen
Betsy and Michael Keller
Julie Keller
Lillian and Peter Keller
Susan and John Wheeler
Helane Kelman
Debbie and Sol Kempinski
Nadav Kempinski
Noa Kempinski
Karlyn and Lee Hochner
Martin Kent
Marcia Kern and James Stern
Dorian Kersch
Judith and Bruce Kesler
Susan and Larry Kessler
Melanie and Daniel Khabie
Ashley Khakshouri
Clark Kholos
Tina Hirsh-Kholos and Alan Kholos
Luba Khomskaya
Perla and Theodore Kimball
Samantha King
Michele Kipnis
Eleanor and William Kipperman
Florence and Julius Kirchner
Sylvia Kirsch
Todd Kirschen
Miriam Kirshner
Pearl Kissel
Elyse Kist
Brenda Kitrosser
Rosanna Klachky and Benjamin Buzali
Zev Klagsbrun
Arlene Klaif
Rob Kleiman
Andrea Klein
Avi Klein
Brooke Klein
David Klein and Robert Senter
Helen Klein
Michael Klein
Shirley Klein
Staci Klein
Tara and Adam Klein
Trudy Klein
Ken Knara
Leean Knetzer
Sara Knoll
Larry Kob
Elana Kobernick
David Kobrinetz
Edith and Milton Kodmur
Kobi Koffler
Florentina Kofman
Zena and Yefim Kogan
Zhanna Kogan
Gabriela Kohan
Navid Kohanbash
Monica Kohan-Ghadesh
Diann and Russell Kohn
Gladys Kohn
Ali Kole
Anna Kolesnikov
Michelle and Matthew Kolker
Leonard Koltun
Sheila and Jay Kopelowitz
Aaron and Ruth Kopikis
Muriel Kopol
Mary Koppel
Tom Koppel
Joel Kopstein
Jessica and Bruce Koren
Carol and Harvey Korfin
Constance Korn
Deborah and David Kornberg
Edith and Richard Kornberg
Gilda and Murray Kornblit
Ian Kornfeld
Jacob Kornfeld
Betty and Leonard Kornreich
Jessica Kort
Cecile and Daniel Kosoy
Eric Koster
Jennifer and Mathew Kostrinsky
Evelyn and Claude Koven
Andrea Kraay-Goldsztein
Edward Krachmer
Rosalind Krakauer
Amy Krakower
Debra and David Kramer
Debra Kramer
Joan and Victor Kramer
Beth Kransberger
Barbara and Jesse Krantzberg
Martha and Jerry Krasne
Ryan Krasner
Dianne and Larry Krasnow
Jayna and Robert Krause
Susy and Israel Kravzov
Constance and George Krell
Mary Ann and Matthew Kremer
Margaret Krinsky and Cort Schultz
Anna Krokee
Sandra and David Kroll
Deborah and Richard Kroner
Sherry Kroop
Barbara and Sheldon Krueger
David Krypel
Linda and Daniel Kucinski
Pearl Kugel
Victor Kulish
Marianne Kullback
Gabrielle and Jay Kunin
Gaby and William Kuperman
Lloyd Kuritsky
Brian Kurlan
Linda and Jon Kurtin
Michael Kurtz
Carol and Howard Kushner
Diane and Ian Kutner
Marti and Leonard Kutnik
Alex and J Kyman
Daniel La Salle
Rex Labalan
Beverly Lachman
Shira Ladelsky
Jessica Laemmele
Claire and Edouard Lagnado
Shlomo Lalouz
Evelyn and Joel Lamon
Iris Lampel
Jack Lampl
Aaron Landau
Eli Landau
Michael Landau
Samuel Landau
Uri and Judith Landau
Kim Lande
Donna and Barry Lander
Sheyna Landish
Elissa Landsman
Marcia Lane
Gina and Laurence Langbort
Anita Lanner
Elsa and Marc Lantzman
Susan and Robert Lapidus
Angela and Jonathan Lapin
Joshua Lappen
Susan Larson
Sandra and Lynwood Lary
Cia and Steven Lash
Yael Ridberg and Mark Laska
Wendy Sabin-Lasker and Jerry Lasker
Rosa and Alan Lasnover
Jerri Lasser
Phyllis and Elliott Lasser
Sylvia and Robert Lasser
Barbara and John Lauer

Marci and Corey Laulom
Patricia Launer
Morgan Launer
Risa Friedman-Lauth and James Lauth
Sara Lavere
Afsaneh and Jamshid Lavi
Neri Lavi
Kathleen Knotts-Lavine and Dennis Lavine
Ellen and Daniel Lavis
Linda Law
Terri Law
Mara and Larry Lawrence
Marie Lawrence
Jessica Lawyer
Robin and Jonathan Layton
Garrett Layton
Lisa Lazar and Dale Glaser
Shelle Wisdom-Lazar and Joel Lazar
Yvonne Lazar
Rona and Eric LaZare
Malca Lazareck
Carol and Philip Lazarus
Graeme Lazarus
Jane and Herbert Lazerow
Allison and Bruce Lazerus
Chris LaZich
Jessica and Alex Lazur
Kathy and Michael Leavenworth
Bradley Lebow
Michael Ledovskikh
Oren Lee
Michael Leeman
Caryl Lees Witte
Veronica and Miguel Leff
George Lehrer
Helen and Gerald Leib
Lori and David Leib
Shirley and Daniel Leibelt
Lexi Leibl
Nona Leibl
Barry Leichtling
Sura and Moishe Leider
Ben Leinow
Hilda Leisorek
Valerie Leman and Ross Cohen
Carly Lemke
Stefani and Harvey Lenett
Elaine Leon
Marilyn and Craig Leonard
Rhoda Leopold
Darrel Lepkowsky
Golnoosh and Ian Lerner
Irene Lerner
Jennifer and Joseph Lerner
Larry Lerner
Honey and Steven Leshaw
Lainie Lesser-Mark
Milton Lessner
Amilia and Ovadia Lev
Nancy and Menachem Levanoni
Shirley and Robert  Leve
Rachel and Jerry Levens
Elana Levens-Craig and Scott Craig
Karen and Ronald Levenson
Stanley Levenson
Debbie Levenson-Cruz
Barbara Leventhal
Jillian Levi
Ana and Larry Levin
Dana Levin
Donna Levin
Ilana Levin
Ina Levin
Linda and Michael Levin
Naomi and Rand Levin
Phyllis and Howard Levin
Rebecca Selk Levin and Wayne Levin
Scott Levin
Susan and Jordan Levin
Tamara and Bill Levin
Audrey and Steven Levine
Beth Levine and Henry Abarbanel
Debra Levine
Ellen and Ira Levine
Helena and Mauricio Levine
Jamie Levine
Judith and Harvey Levine
Leah and Yosef Levine
Susan Levine and Richard King
Yoni Levinger
Diane Levinson
Drene and Philip Levinson
Jodi and Gary Levinson
Mariya and Sergy Levinson
Debbie Levis
Hillary and Avi Levison
Darren Levitt
Jaydon Levitt
June Levitt
Alina and Thomas Levy
Amanda Levy
Barbara and Ralph Levy
Bryan Levy
Carol and Ralph Levy
Celia and Nathan Levy
David Levy
Estelle Levy and Brad Coffey
Leticia Levy
Nancy and Lawrence Levy
Nina and Howard Levy
Pamela and Marc Levy
Ruth Levy
Sandra Levy
Varda and Neil Levy
Darren Lewin
Daniella and Gary Lewis
Linda Lewis
Lucille Lewis
Pam Lewis
Stephanie and Ron Lewis
Patricia Libby and Mike Eichler
Clark Libenson
Jean Liberman
Vicki and Avi Libman
Janet and Thomas Lichterman
Kaley and Joshua Lichtman
Ina Liddell
Miriam and David Lieber
Dalia and Daniel Lieberman
Gladys Lieberman
Laureen Lieberman
Nira Lieberman
Rosemary and Ronald Lieberman
Sandy Lieberman
Bradley Liebermensch
Jacob Liebermensch
Lawrence Liebermensch
Marilyn Liebowitz
Kara Liederman
Eugenia and Alex Liff
Daniel Lifschitz
Leonora and Ron Lifton
Maxwell Lightman
Esfir Likholat and Jacob Radomyshelsky
Judy and Elias Lilienthal
Christa Lilly
Sara Limenes
Robert Lin
Katja Lindenberg
Marsha Linehan
Barbara and Dana Linett
Sandra and Daniel Linn
Ruth Linnick
Arlene and Paul Linsk
Adam Linssen
Eric Linssen
Mark Linssen
Lori Lipkes
Karen and Hilliard Lipman
Susan and Barry Lipson
Lisa and Robert Lipton
Karen and Steven Liss
Hollis and Alan Litrownik
Marshall Littman
Jacqueline Litvak
Bella and Eugene Litvin
Sam Litvin
Marilyn and Allen Livingstone
Sharon and Eric Lizerbram
Marla and Larry Lobenstein
Frances Lobman
Julie Loeb
Helen and Michael Loebenstein
Iris and Abraham Loebenstein
Eileen Loh
Mark Lohkemper
Esther Lohn
Alejandro Lombrozo
Diana and Eliezer Lombrozo
Iliana and Bernardo Lombrozo
Karina Lombrozo
Monica and Salvador Lombrozo
Ania London
Casey and Brian Long
Beth Longley
Stacey Loomis and Brad Wiley
Kay and Arthur Loomstein
Laura and David Lorber
Nina and Michael Lorber
Yahaloma and Marc Lotzof
Lee Loventhal
Amanda and Joe Lowe
Claudia and Carl Lowenstein
Richard Lowenstein
Lori Lowery
Gary and Lola Loy
Laura and James Loye
Beatrice Loynab
Jaime Lozowsky
Alan Lubic
Irene and David Lubin
Joan and Anthony Lubowe
Renee and Doug Lucas
Stephanie and Angelo Lucero
Nicole Ludwig
Rita and Murry Luftig
Marsha Kadish-Lulley and Charles Lulley
Diana Luquin
Barbara and Selwyn Lurie
Lynne and Norman Lurie
Jennifer and Richard Lutz
Lidia and Vladimir Lvovich
Kevan and Michael Lyon
Leslye and Scott Lyons
Allison Madwatkins
Laura and Maurice Maio
Gabrielle Maio
Marcy and Alan Maisel
Michelle Malashock
Ruth Malin
Tanya and Andrew Malk
Lillian Mallen
Leah and Martin Mally
Anamarie Maltzman
Dahlia and Steven Maman
Judith Mandel
Melissa and Mark Mandel
Alison Mandelbaum
Meryl and Peter Herman
Jackie and Charles Mann
Sheila and Paul Manning
Israela Manson
Alan and Naomi Marblestone
Andy Marcus
Barbara and Benjamin Marcus
Danielle Marcus
Devorah Marcus
Keren Stashower and Ronald Marcus
Shelley Marcus
Suzanne and Brian Marcus
Libe and Andrès Marek
Rosette Marelly
Betty Margalith
Becky and Mauricio Margolis
Elizabeth and Sheldon Margolis
Elsa and Abraham Margolis
Karin and Joel Margolis
Rick Mariam
Julianne and Gregory Markow
Fiona and Stephen Markowitz
Paul Markowitz
Stephen Markowitz
Carole and Brian Marks
Cynthia Marks
Jeffrey Marks
Michael Marks
Ryan Marks
Daniella Marks-Koffler
Marlene and Jerry Markus
Selma and Gerald Marlis
Lindsay Marmon
Shirley Marshall
Alan Marshall z"l
Toni Martin
Guilermo Martinez
Joana Martinez
Debra and Paul Marx
Lynn and Michael Maskin
Emilie and Jeff Mason
Janey and John Mason
Ruth and Pierre Mastron
Esther Matatof
Carole and Marty Mathios
Mindy and John Mattison
Brett Matus
Kim and William Matzinger
Miriam Maya
Carrie and John Mayers
Ingrid and Marvin Mazie
Corrie McCoy
Sharone McGovern
Kathie and Charles McKirdy
Lauren and Thomas McMullen
Ron Medak
Illona and Bill Meowied
Joyce and Peter Mehrberg
Barbara and Matt Meis
Ana Maria and Jacob Melcer
Carolyn and Michael Melman
Jennifer and Scott Meltzer
Rebecca Melville
Luna Memun
Lynn and Ivan Mendelsohn
Barbara Mendenhall
Sofia and Civi Merdinger
Sheldon Merel
Marcia Merel z"l
Ian Merles
Fran Meronoff
Jamie Meronoff
Adrienne and Stanley Mestman
Wendy and Bruce Meth
Jackie Metta
Haim Metz
Judy and Robert Metz
Shana Metzger
Rachel and Tedd  Meyer
Rosy and Laurence Meyerowitz
Natalie and Max Meyerson
Cynthia Michael and Gregory Pascal
Jessalyn Michaels
Marge and Mike Michaelson
Isaac Michan
Rashel and David Michan
Fernando Michelson
Irene and Michael Michelson
Shari Michlovitz
Jessica and Michael Middleton
Olga Mikhalsky
Marlyn and Stanford Milberger
Steve Milgrom
Murray Millander
Dinah and Stephen Miller
Margaret Miller and James Berg
Marilyn Miller
Marni Miller
Nathan Miller
Terry Miller
Shelley Miller-Odelson and Dave Odelson
Edie Millett
Lesley Mills and James MacIndoe
Susan and Leonard Milner
Ilana and Louis Milner
Amit Milo
Barbara and Howard Milstein
Jack Milstein
David Minton
Andrea Mintz
Anna and David Mintz
Anna and Neil Mintz
Carrie Miranda
Barbara Casey-Mirow and Arvin Mirow
Phyllis Mirsky
Isaac Miselewics
Lillian and Mauricio Miselewicz
Loredana Mitescu
Estela Mitrani
Pamela and Marvin Mittleman
Naomi and Shabtay Mizan
Laura and Rafael Mizrachi
Moises Mizrachi
Charlotte and Elias Mizrahi
Esther and David Mizrahi
Lorin Moch
Carla and Marcos Modiano
Daniela and Isaac Modiano
Frida Modiano
Tania and Alberto Moel
Linda and Barry Mogol
Rena Monge
Nicole and Daniel Monsowitz
Thelma Montag
Bella Montgomery
Tal Moore
Bijan Moossazadeh
Janet and John Moossazadeh
Marjorie Mopper
Peggy Mora
Cesar Morales
Alegria Moreno-Armenta and Julio Armenta
Nicole Morgan
Morgan Stanley
Branden Morrell
Amy and William Morris
Lauren and Rael Morris
Charles Morris
Leslie and Allen Morrison
Liz Morrison
Marjorie and Michael Morrison
Tricia and Troy Morrison
Rosaura and Lawrence Morrow
Chris Mosh
Charlotte Moskovitz
Dina Moskowitz
Jeri and Ira Moskowitz
Barbara Moss
Bleema Moss and Richard Warburton
Jillian Moss
Johanna Moss
Marjorie Moss
Suzanne Moss-High and Ronald High
Ann Mound
Alicia Moya
Susan Schaffer and Nissim Mualim
Gala and David Muchnik
Sam Muhlmeister
Mark Muller
Frances Multer
Janis and Raymond Musante
Raquel Mussali
Lisa and Jason Myers
Perla and Jeffrey Myers
Tamar Gollan and Mark Myers
Reeva and Marc Myerson
David Myron
Jaime Nacach
Cecilia Carrick and Stanley Nadel
Teri and Howard Naftalin
Rami Nagola
Maurice Nahum
Joanne Sue and Edward Naiman
Marc Naiman
Stuart Naliboff
Melanie Nally
Sally and Joseph Nalven
Peter Nanigian
Anna Nappi
Peter Narkotsky
Eilon Natan
Justin Neagle
Norman Needel
Amy Krause and Paul Needelman
Amy and Edward Nefouse
Lisa Neichin
Nancy Neigus
Irene and Jerry Neimark
Dana Mendel and Daniel Neipris
Maria Nelson
Cindy and Kevin Nelson
Valerie Nemeth
Sheila and James Nerad
Richard Nerad
Linda and Jeffrey Nerenberg
Janice and Jeff Nesses
Judith and Ruben Neuman
Olye and Alex Nevelson
Alan and Nancy Nevin
Rhoda Nevins and Eddie Kleiman
Zevi New
Ronald Newell
Dana Newman
Eugene Newman
Joyce Newman
Ruthann and Irving Newman
Anna Newton and Steven Guthauser
Rosalie and Alfred Nichtenhauser
Jacqueline Niederman
Jan Nielsen
Marji and David Nightingale
Amy Nisen
Harriet and Leslie Niss
Kaylee Niss
Rachel and Ron Nissim
Vicky Nizli
Paula Norman and Glenn Dietz
Maureen Norwood
Loretta and Martin Nosan
Marlene and David Nourok
Sandra and Jeffrey Novack
Eve Novak and John Crocket
Ella and Alex Novokolsky
Liliana Nunez
Samantha Nusbaum
Esther Nussbaum
Reba and Arthur Oberman
Haydee Ojeda-Fournier and Andrew Lowy
Jessie Okelberry
Rose Okmin
Ashley and Steven Okovita
Olivia and Irving Okovita
John Olds
Bonnie and Howard Oleff
Hana Olivensky
Hector Olivera
Leah Ollman
Vivian Olmos
J. Marty Olson
Dorothy and Gilbert Omens
Patricia O'Neill
Shirley and Joseph Opperman
Lisa and Robert Orlansky
Rosalind and Peter Orner
Renee O'Rourke
Virginia Oserin
Liliya and Sam Osinovsky
Susan Osman
August Osroff
Barbara and Sheldon Ostroff
Mara and Benji Ostrove
Richard Ostrow
Joseph Ostunio
Ariel Ouziel
Maggie and Robert Ovadia
Tomer Ozari
Elizabeth Ozer z"l
Laura Page
Freddi Pakier and Eli Posinoff
Edie Palin
Etta Palin
Leslie Pally
Amy Pamensky
Beverley and Martin Pamensky
Lori and Glenn Panzer
Roselyn and Stanley Pappelbaum
Rachel Fink-Parks and Craig Parks
Beatrice Parnes
Michael Partovi
Judith Parzen
Daniel Passov
Emilia and Barry Pasternack
Nicole Patolai
Lee Patz
Shia Patz
Kristee Beres-Pauker and Tony Pauker
Jennifer and Thomas Paul
Joseph Paul
Leah and Steve Pazol
Sandra Peace
Alexis and Scott Pearce
Brian Pearl
Olivia Pearl
Beth and Doron Peisic
Kay Pekin
Gleice and Murray Peller
Leonard Pena
Lylian Penhos
Samuel Penhos
Stacy and Eric Penney
Berina and Andy Pennington
Rebecca and Elias Perez
Regina Perkins
Robyn Perlin
Janet and John Perlman
Marion Perlman
Mona Perlman
Siri Perlman
Lisa and Mark Perlmutter
Lisa and Gary Perlmutter
Aaron Perlov
Violet Perper
Judith Persky
Steven Persky
Betty and Alan Pesin
Geri and Brian Petersil
David Peterson
David Petkofsky
George Peyser
Bella and Darren Pfefferman
Susan Phillips
Marla Picarro
Paige Pick
Deborah Pienknagura
Fanny Pienknagura
Vera Pienknagura
Polina Pilinovsky
Deborah Pimstone
Arlene Pincus
Ellen and Solomon Pinczewski
Loren and Dennis Pinn
Nicole Pirovolos
Dana Plaskin
Marsha and Robert Plaskin
Iris and Ben Platnik
Gina and Jeff Platt
Mona and Jeffrey Platt
Nancy Plummer
Ilana and Eduardo Podolsky
Elizabeth Polacheck
Edith and Herman Polak
Carol and Gary Polakoff
Shea Polansky
Vicki and Jerry Polansky
Beth Polek
Eric Poliak
Dini and Mendel Polichenco
Hillel Polichenco
Alexa Polin
Bob Poline
Mark Polinkovsky
Ricki Polisar
Susan and Jerome Pollock
Avril and Yitschak  Pomeranetz
Michal Pomeranetz
Ellen and Myles Pomeroy
Yoad Porat
Phyllis Porter
Howard Potash
Beverly and Harry Powazek
Adrienne and  Richard Prager
Frances and Robert Preisman
Benjamin Press
Thelma Press
Lisa and Rob Prince
Barry Printz
Beth and David Printz
Jana and Morton Printz
Jay Privman
Carly Provol
Judy Provol
Enrique Pupko
Gloria Pushker
Qualcomm Matching Gift Program
Michael Quigley
Karen Quinn
Fernando Quiroz
Nina Rabin
Tamar Rabin
Zina and Allen Rabinovich
Sheryl Rabinowitz
Edna Radden
Rosie and Lawrence Radden
Cynthia and Gilbert Raff
Donna and Paul Raffer
Joyce Rafkin
Rhonda and David Rafsky
Barbara and Terry Rakov
Rebecca Rakow-Penner
Farahnaz and Kurosh Raoufpur
Angeli and Kevin Rapeport
Patty and Bruce Raphaelson
Kathleen Rapp
Debbie and Roger Rappoport
Deborah Rappoport
Gideon Rappaport
Linda Olafson and Barry Raskin
Barbara Parker Ratner and Norman Ratner
Rosa and Alfredo Ratniewski
Arlene Rauthause
Linda and Marshall Ravden
Michelle and Bruce Rawdin-Baron
Cheryl and Albert Ray
Amy and Ori Raz
Jenny and Mati Raz
Tracey Raz
Barbara Recht
Danny Recht
Shoshi and Gary Recht
Brooke and Daniel Redman
Carolyn Standler-Reed and David Reed
Barbara Pollack and Ronald Reff
Sandra and Allen Reibman
Judy and Harvey Reich
Debra and Ramon Reid
Mark Reifler
Connie and Jack Reingold
Leslie Reinstein
Jeri Reisman
Sara and Joseph Reisman
Susan and Laurence Reisner
Marcia Reiss-Franklin and David Franklin
Bobbe and Stephen Reitman
Shari and Steve Reitman
Emily and Daniel Remba
Matilda Remba and William Wachsman
Vladislav Repkin
Elizabeth Levine and Andrew Resnick
Sharron Resnick
Shari Ressel
Steffi Retin
Susan and David z"l Revak
Sheila and Albert Revivo
Nirit Revzin
Rimma Reytblat
Stella and Ilya Reytblat
Eve Reza
Susan and Michael Rhea
Morton Rhein
Gail and Lawrence Rice
Maya Rich
Rita Richards
Maura Richman
Kay and Arthur Richmond
Lisa Rickler and Arden Chan
Carolyn and John Ridley
Sandy and Itzik Rief
Marion and Harry Rieger
Rita and Charles Riemer
Florence and Anthony Riesner
Gloria Rimland
Pamela Hankin and Martin Rindler
Steve Rindsberg
Gabriela Ring
Cindy and Kevin Ringoot
Lindy Rinkey
Shulamit and David Ritblatt
Steve Ritter
Anna and Nathan Ritter
Ivan Rivera
Araceli Riviera
Bart Rivin
Kira Rivkin
Victoria Robbin
Kathy Robbins
Lou-Ellen Robbins
Sadie and Henry Robbins
Shirley and Philip Robbins
Connie Robin
Greg Robin
Toni Robin
Vlad Robin
Sherry Robins
Anne and Jack Robinson
Deborah Robinson
Gail Robinson
Hildreth Robinson and Ray Hawley
Hinda Robinson
Scott Robinson
Sara Robinson-Glasser
Baruch Rock
Jamie Rodin
Leonard Rodin
Rebeca Rodkin
Elaine and Peter Rodman
Ellen Rofman
Jeff Rogoway
Ruth Romanoff-Braun and William Braun
Bonnie and Abraham Romanowsky
Randi and Steven Rose
Brett Rosen
Gladys Rosen
Joy Koda and Jonathan Rosen
Kristen Rosen
Randi Rosen
Audra Bergman and Jonathan Rosenberg
Aviva Rosenberg
Esther and Richard Rosenberg
Harriet and Harvey Rosenberg
Jonathan Rosenberg
Naomi and Sam Rosenberg
Ronni and Peter Rosenberg
Rose Rosenberg
Saul Rosenberg
Susan and Paul Rosenberg
Tara Coleman and Brian Rosenberg
Ilyse and Jason Rosenfeld
Janet Rosenfield
Fanny and Ruben Rosental
Donna and Herman Rosenthal
Edna Rosenthal
Sylvia Rosenthal
Joan and Roy Rosenwald
Ronnie and Stuart Rosenwasser
Ashton Rosin
Rachelle and Sydney Rosin
Norwin Rosner
Denise and Mark Ross
Laura Jo and Daniel Ross
Shelley and Jeff Ross
Diane and Stanley Rossman
Joseph Rotchel
Sylvia and David Roth
Sheva Roth
Beth Rothman
Harlene Rottenberg
Gary Rotto

Sally Rovner
Karyn Rovner-Sklar and Marc Sklar
Julie and Jon Rozansky
Yelena Rozenfeld
Valentina and Roman Rozenshteyn
Dalya Rubanenko
Britt and Stuart Rubenstein
Eli Rubenstein
Harriet Rubenstein
Budd Rubin
Craig Rubin
Donna and Harvey Rubin
Gabe Rubin
Marjorie and Michael Rubin
Melanie Rubin
Sandra and Irving Rubin
Sephanie and Rob Rubin
Sylvia and Charles Rubin
Julie and Jeff Rubtchinsky
Richard Ruda
Naomi Rudick
Judith and Jonathan Rudin
Ray Rudolph
Jose Ruigomez
Steven Rukhman
Bonnie and Jon Rumble
Mary-Jane Rund
Heather and Ben Russak
Lisa Russell
Syma and Michael Russell
Elena and Moises Saad
Sarah Saad
Helen and Tom Sabo
Dina and Avram Sachar
Bonita Sachs
Bruce Sachs
Adam Sacks
Arlene and Peter Sacks
Brenda and Jeffrey Sacks
Samantha and Richard Sacks
Sandra and Jeffrey Sacks
Glenda Sacks Jaffe
Lizette Safa and Juan Carlos
Helene and Craig Saffer
Barbara and Richard Safrin
Carolyn and Burton Saft
Jane and Eric Sagerman
Shelley and Paul Saitowitz
Simin Sakhapour
Martine and Daniel Sakow
Daryl and Gary Saks
Dion and Hayley Saks
Adele and Alfred Saleh
Teresita and Alfred Salganick
Marilyn Salisbury
Henrietta Salm
Lauren and Daniel Salomon
Monica and Daniel Salomon
Lynn and Eliyahu Salsberg
Harriet Salter
Barbara and Arnold Saltzman
Marjorie and Bernie Salzberg
Deborah and Clarence Salzer
Robin Samit
Mark Samson
Gail Samuel
Michael Samuel
Shai Samuel
San Diego Gulls Hockey Club
Abbie and Josiah Sand
Richard Sander
Carla and Jared Sanderson
Jodi and Earl Sandler
Kimberly and Jeffrey Sandler
Paul Sapiano
Sandra and Jeff Sapol
Shelley and Stephen Sass
Samuel Sasson
Leslie Satz
Brenda Saunders
Randy Savarese
Renata and Alan Saven
Varda and Isaac Savion
Jennifer Savransky
Janet and Robert Scefonas
Kira Schaaf
Kenneth Schad
Sam Schad
Albert Schafer
Lynne and Robert Schaffer
Shira and Deon Schaffer
Myrel Schalit
Florence Schaps
Miriam and David Schatz
Sarah and Dan Schatz
Linda and Stephen Schechner
Laina and Craig Schectman
Marilyn Scheininger
Benjamin Schenk
Gabi Scher
Jen and Ken Schere
Rita and William Scherlis
Marilyn and Leonard Schiff
Alec Schiffer
Susie and Donald Schiffer
Sherril and Andrew Schiffman
Torrie and Jay Schiller
Karen and David Schillinger
Amy Parish and Steven Schindler
Amy and Benjamin Schindler
Joan Schindler
Rachel and Jeffrey Schindler
Rose and Max Schindler
Marsha and Steven Schjolberg
Hannah Schlachet
Wendy and David Schlickman
Susanne and Mark Schlissel
Elfriede and Edmund Schloss
Herbert Schnall
Alan Schneider
Betsy and David Schneider
Joan Schneider
Karen and Howard Schneider
Molly and Jon Schneider
Larry Schneiderman
Ileese and Gary Schneir
Hadassah and Yigal Schnitzer
Jason Schoenfeld
Sandra Schoenkopf
Robert Schraer
Miriam and George Schraer
Daniel Schreiber
Gail and Jules Schreiber
Judith Schreiber
Jenifer and Andrew Schreiner
Janice and Jay Schuffman
Elsie and Sidney Schulman
Marty Schulman
Noah Schulman
Suzanne and Paul Schulman
Elizabeth and Andrew Schultz
Joan and Paul Schultz
Katherine Schultz
Greta Schuman
Harriet Schuman
Joseph Schuman
Elena and Howard Schuss
Kim and Richard Schwab
Cindy and Wayne Schwartz
Dara and Darren Schwartz
Elizabeth Schwartz and Yale Strom
Esther and Morris Schwartz
Jacob Schwartz
Janet and Donald Schwartz
Jared Schwartz
Laurel and Stanley Schwartz
Linda Schwartz
Louis Schwartz
Mary Rose and Ben Schwartz
Susan Boiko and Martin Schwartz
Tammy Sacks and Jon Schwartz
Judith Schwartzman
Carol Schwarzblat
Dan Schwarzblat
Nikki Schweitzer and Stuart Gross
Lee Fowler-Schwimmer and Daniel Schwimmer
Howard Schwitkis
Jenna Scifres
Zara Sclar
Maxine and Anthony Sclar
Barbara and Gideon Seaman
Brian Segal
Sharon and Stephen Segal
Sophia Segal
Lynda and Michael Segall
Sheila and Allan Seid
Janith Seidel and Charles Jaffe
Lee Seider
Melanie and Martin Seidman
Elke Seitel
Caron Selati
Jean and Jeffrey Selzer
Patricia Pummill and Bernie Semel
Anna Sena
Linda Senescall
Alyssa Sepinwall and Steve Goldstein
Miriam and Dennis Servetter
Gil Sery
Barbara Sexter
Joyce Seyburn
Jessica Shaanan
Sharna and James Shachar
Geri and Don Shaevel
David Shafer
Renata and Val Shafor
Tamar and Sam Shafran
Fred Shahan
Mindy and David Shanes
Randy and Stuart Shanken
Jacqueline and Robert Shapiro
Jami and Adam Shapiro
Lee Shapiro
Melvin Shapiro
Dianne Shapp
Shirley and Fred Sharff
Elaine and Peter Shaw
Joyce and Jerome Shaw
Neil Shaw
Rachel and David Shay
Shoshana Shea
Judy and Hillel Shear
Jeanne Shearer
Karen Shein and Paul Christiansen
Galina and Vladimir Shekhtman
Judy and Yousef Shemirani
Saideh and Elias Shemirani
Miriam and Martin Sheps
Andrea and Lawrence Sher
Carolyn Sher
Donna and Charles Sher
Abraham and Adriana Sherman
Enid and Mark Sherman
Jacqueline Sherman and Brandon Gross
Karen Sherman
Lauren and Michael Sherman
Sandy Sherman
Aniket Shetty
Barbara and Elliot Shev
Monique and Jack Shevel
Galit and Oded Shezifi
Robyn and Gary Shifren
Frieda and Gerald Shiller
Henry Shillet
Nicole Shina
Jay Shirley
Lois and Dennis Shive
Dalit Shlapobersky
Yury Shlionsky
Roberta and Martin Shoman
Parvin Shooshani
Jay Shore
Karen and Thomas Shpall
Ida Shreiber
Debbie and Paul Shtein
Perla and Carlos Shteremberg
Aaron Shub
Beatrice and Kurt Shuler
Ali Shuman
Karen and Brad Shuman
Vicki Shumulinsky
Ilana and Steve Shupper
Lidor Shuster
Avril Shutts
Tali Shwartz
Eugene Sickels
Dani Sicklick
Fern and Leon Siegel
Ros Goldstein and Robert Siegel
Sascha Siegel
Liz and David Sigal
Cathy and James Sigismonti
Claudia Sigle
Irina Signayevsky
Amnon Silberger
Heidi and Russel Silberstein
Nora and Daniel Silberstein
Beverly and Howard Silldorf
Roy Silver
Gayle and Robert Silverman
Golan Silverman
Kitty and Raphael Silverman
Ilene Silvers
Fay and John Silverstein
Sandra Silverstein
Sharon Silverstein
Stuart Simble
Bari and Harvey Simkovsky
Carly Simms
Barbara Simon
Crissy Simon
Debbie Simon
Hilary Simon
Sandy and Jay Simon
Scott Simon
Anita and Michael Simons
Fred Simons
Nancy and Sam Sinasohn
Savannah Sincoff
Amanda Singer
Belinda and Peter Singer
Diane and Richard Singer
Evelyn and Edward Singer
Leah Singer
Lois and Allan Singer
Marie Singer
Marilyn Singer
Miriam and Meir Singer
Samuel Singer z"l
Emily Singh
Polina and Anatoly Sisman
Jeffrey Sitcov
Cathie Skinner
Alan Sklar
Jackie Skolnik
Jordan Skolnick
Kimberlyn and Robert Skolnick
Andrea Skorepa
Laurie Slade
Bill Slater
Lisa and Bradley Slavin
Janet Slayen
Sandra Slivka
Nicole Sloane and Adrian Lizano
Diane and Marvin Sloben
Margaret Sluyk
Mildred Small
Stephen Smidt
Arlette and Gregory Smith
Edith Smith
Joan Smith
Lauri Smith
Stefanie Schiff and Joel Smith
Susanne Geshekter and Robert Smith
Rochel and David Smoller
Dora Smukler
Linda and Ian Smulowitz
Sylvia and Luis Sneider
Sonia Janko Snyder and Saul Snyder
Faye and Joel Snyder
Joy Sobel and Burt Thompson
Ellen and David Solomon
Judith and Norman Solomon
Naima Solomon
Leslie Solomon-Barker and James Barker
Paul Somekh
Jean and Howard Somers
Lauren and Michael Sommer
Ryle Sonduck
Pamela Sontz
Linda Sorkin
Elisa and Jorge Sorokin
Mamie Sorokin
Marci and Samuel Sorokin
Ruth and Brian Sorokin
Franky Sorrentino and Nathan Polasky
Gale and Herbert Sostek
Tracy Spahr
Judy Spaner Stern
Dale and Gerald Spector
Jerry Spector
Nancy and Alan Spector
Norma and Paul Spector
Rachel Spector
Barbara and William Sperling
Jennie Sperling
Judith and Jacob Sperling
Laurie and Mark Spiegler
Bradley Spilkin
Victoria and Edward Spilkin
Tzila Limor Spilky
Miriam and Jacinto Spindel
Patricia and Marvin Spira
Vida and Rene Sportes
Michael Spy
Marina and Adam Sragovicz
Hilary Srole
Jennifer Stackle
Edith Standler
Marlene and Neville Stanger
Julie and Todd Stanley
Stacie and Michael Steelman
Beth and Kerry Steigerwalt
Eden Steigerwalt
Alona Stein
Carol Stein
Chavi and Richard Stein
Enid and Eugene Stein
Gina and Daniel Stein
Nancie and Grover Stein
Naomi and William Stein
Sarah and Marc Stein
Shiva Elihu and Scott Stein
Jill Steiner
Deborah and Jose Stepensky
Beverly and Gary Steres
Nanette Sterman and Curt Wittenberg
Ariela Stern
Brooke and Lewis Stern
Cynthia Stern and Maurice Nieman
Hervey Stern
Marilyn and Melvin Stern
Pamela-Rose and Theodore Stern
Rachel and Ricky Stern
Susan and Trip Stern
Allison and Noah Stevens
Esti Stevens
Regina and Bill Stevens
Daphna and Christopher Stewart
Elizabeth and Lester Stiel
Irene and Thomas Stillings
Evelyn Stillwater
Susan and Keith Stinson
Jennifer and Michael Stoff
Myla Stokes Kelly
Jeff Stomel
Aubrey Stone
Jodi and David Stone
Julia Ramirez-Stone and Kenneth Stone
Lori Stone
Peter Stovin
Adriana Stowell
Fiona and Ivan Strashoon
Esther Straus
Lilly Strausberg
Sherry and Richard Strauss
Adrienne and Jack Streeter
Edward Streicher
Marla and Daniel Strich
Diane Strum and Eugene Polley
Mitchell Sturman
Cary Subel
Janine and Ian Subel
Donna and Joel Sucov
Marc Sulkes
Jackie and Beni Surpin
Karen and Martin Surtes
Judy Susser-Travis and Brian Travis
Gary Sussman
Robert Sussman
Vicki and Andrew Sussman
Nataly Sutton
Hannah Swee
Lisa and Thomas Sweet
Lauren Swersky
Suzanne Swersky
Deena and Michael Swidler
Janice and Kenneth Swift
Rachel Swimmer-Flores and Armando Flores
Sara and Ernest Szajowitz
Eva and Gerald Szames
Veronika and Istvan Szinai
Anita and Isaac Szmuilowicz
Bertha Szmuilowicz
Daniel Sztuden
Robert Tabak
Beth Tabor
Avi Tal
Masha and David Tal
Galina and Michael Talis
Elizabeth and Samuel Talpalatsky
Carol Tamaki and Jonathan Kroll
Robyn and David Tandy
Therese Tanksley
Aviva Tanner
Gina Tapper
David Tarson
Elliott Tarson
Kevin Tarson
Sami Tarson
Aleks Tashlitsky
Ilene and Michael Tatro
Grace and Alberto Tawil
Wendy and Marc Tayer
Kathleen and Roger Taylor
Julie Tedde
Joan and David Tedlow
Nataliya and Roman Telerman
L. Carol Temes
Marlene Tenen
Victoria and Simon Teplitsky
Gloria Tepper
Ruth and Sammy Tepperman
Lorraine and Aron Thall
Susan Gail and Edward Thomas
Jessica Thompson
Leslie and Charles Tiano
Keely Tidrow
Linda and JamesTimlin
Staci Tiras-Jones and Daniel Jones
Debbie Tirouda
Freda and Vladimir Tishkevich
Naomi Title
Abra Tockerman
Marcia and Jack Togut
Jonathan Toker
Cindy Tollin and Alan Peterson
Tracy Tomson
Jeremy Toren
Oded Tour
Marilyn Tracey
Michael Tragesser
Marilyn and Mark Treger
Geri and Larry Treppel
Leta Trietsch
Maxine and Gerald Trimble
Aaron Truax
Baxter Truax
Oleg Tsank
Maria Tsifansky-Buma
Charlotte and Arnold Tubis
Judy and Thomas Tullie
Beverly and Jerome Turchin
Claudia and Geoffrey Turchin
Jennifer Turner
Nataliya and Norm Turoff
Bree Twohey
Rebecca and Chris Twomey
Tzedeka Yael
Annie Ulevitch
Susan and Richard Ulevitch
Gabriela Umansky
Trudy and Charles Umansky
Nina and Ze'ev Urguby
Karina Urias
Lidia Urias
Bob Uslander
Adriana Vainer
Enrique Vainer
Ricardo Vainer
Alex and Jeremy Van Frank
Janice Van Lint
Stephanie Van Winkle
Marsha and Myron Vanetsky
Lily Vantosh
Claire Vapnek
Frieda Varon
Stacy and Daniel Varon
Irene and Dean Vayser
Talie and Bernard Veinbergs
Bella Veitzman
Tamora and Louis Vener
Marina and Bob Vengrin
Marina Vengrin
Esther and Benjamin Vilenski
Annette Villalobos
Rina and Joseph Vinetz
Deborah and Benjamin Vinick
Lainy and Larry Vinikow
Nora and Daniel Vinograd
Liana and Igor Virker
Diane and Bennett Voit
Geraldine and Stephen Voit
Jonathan Volfson
Emma and Nikolay Voloshin
Alana Volskaya
John Vondracek
Amanda Wachter
Michelline Wachter
Rachel Wagner
Sandra and Steven Wagner
Ruth and Keith Wahl
Shaul Wahl
Leora Waiche
Philippa and Neil Wainstein
Elena and Silvia Waisbord
Sara and Saul Waisbord
Sioma Waisburd
Daniela Slavin and Adrian Waisfeld
Susana and Carlos Waisman
Harold Walba
Clive Walden
Carol Naiman Waldman and Thomas Waldman
Lorraine Waldman
Richard Walker
Edna and David Wallace
Sabina Wallach and Kendall Melville
Manya and Miklos Wallenfels
Mitch Wallis
Robert Walsh
Lucette Walters
Ruth Warburg
Zach Warburg
Katharine Wardle
Charles Warren
Allan Wasserman
Brandon Wasserman
Gloria and Bernard Wasserman
Randall Wasserman
Lindsay Wasserman-Hallock
Maria and Robert Watsky
Zelda Waxenberg
Sharon Webber
Marcie Weil
Nicole and Leon Weil
Dorith and Mark Weinbaum
Jean and Milton Weinberg
Elana and Harold Weinberger
Ann and Jeremy Weiner
Eileen Weiner
Lillian and Irving Weiner
Lori Weiner
Michael Weiner
Gaye Weinman
Eileen and Harry Weinrib
Christie and Roberto Weinstein
Daniel Weinstein
Yossef Weinstock
Arlene and Gerald Weintraub
Sandra and Donald Weintraub
Sharon Weintraub and Robert Kovalsky
David Weir
Roslyn Weisberg
Esther and Jeffrey Weisel
Betty and Simcha Weiser
Malka Weiser
Ron Weisman
Carol Weisner
Albert Weiss
Cheri and Daniel Weiss
Dina and Andrew Weiss
Elizabeth and Leonard Weiss
Gayle Weiss and Barry Schochet
Joan and Kenneth Weiss
Kay and Gary Weiss
Linda and Martin Weiss
Marilyn Weiss
Suzy and Steve Weiss
Marubia and Gary Weissenberg
Audrey Weiss-Wells and Harold Weiss
David Weitz
Shirley and Marvin Weitzman
Adam Welland
Fanny and Carlos Wellman
Teshy Wellman
Gail Wells
Stephanie and Jared Wells
Doris Welt
Dianne and Howard Wertheim
Linda Weseley
David Wexler
Robin and Eric Whinston
Naomi Whitacre
Lynn and William Whitehouse
Teresa and Paul Whitten
Davin Widgerow
Eyal Wigdor
Kathie and John Wilcox
Judi and Harold Wilensky
Isabella and Mark Wilf
Liz Wilkes
Melinda and Micah Wilkes
Sherry and Randall Wilkins
Sheila Reilly and Keith Willerman
Marilyn and Gidon Williams
Sharlene and David Williams
Ellen Williamson
Carol and Gerald Wilson
Claire Wilson
Preston Wilson
Leslie and Michael Windman
Aaron Windmiller
Joshua Windmiller
Raia and Manny Windmiller
Claire Winer and Mark Warmbrand
Claire and Daniel Winick
Malissa Winicki
Louis Wirtzer
Birte Wise
Carol and Alan Wise
Garth Wise
Terri Wise
Marilyn Wishnek
Debbie and Stephen Wismar
Miriam and Morris Wisniewski
Hedy Witham
Denny Witkin and Benson Jarzyna
Orna and Lee Wittenberg
Sheila Wolbrom
Allan Wolf
Ilisa and Robert Wolf
Jennifer Wolf
William Wolf
Doris and Isaias Wolfenzon
Barry Wolfert
Angela Wolff
Elizabeth Wolfson
Heather and Matt Wolfson
Martha and Robert Wolfson
Doug Wolkon
Lee Wollach
Karen and Alan Wolmer
Ros and Jeff Wolmer
Marcia and Donald Wolochow
Miriam Giller and Vlad Wood
Josh Wortman
Adam Wright
Karen Wroblewski
Nikki and Adam Wyll
Susan and Daniel Wyman
Una and Gerald Yakatan
Yahel and Bruce Yanofsky
Debbie and Joseph Yavitch
Edna Yedid
Michelle and Albert Yedidsion
Lisa Yee
Moshe Yehushua
Marcie and William Yellin
Tara Yelman and Charles Gottesman
Betty Youndt
Sarah Young
Katherine Younger
Beryl Youngleson
Shmuel Yudin
Tatyana and Alexander Yuger
Paul Zablotny
Sheila Zacker
Paul Zafrani
Alicia and Jaime Zaga
Rachel and Dan Zagursky
Rony Zagursky
Leeat Zaken
Saar Zaken
Jonah Zaleznick
Gloria and Irwin Zalkin
Ann Moshinsky-Zall and Norman Zall
Giselle Zanders
Lyn and David Zanders
Valerie Zar
Nathan Zechter
Mickey and Ronald Zeichick
Rhoda and Heywood Zeidman
Erika Zelenski
Daniel Zeligson
Karin Zell and Eric Vann
Bruce Zelony
Alyssa Zeman
Jill and Michael Zeman
Leslie and Ori Zemer
Lucille Zemlick
Terry and Ruben Zepeda
Jenna Zetisky
Barbara and Robert Ziering
Eileen and Malcolm Ziman
Stanley Ziman
Alan Zimmelman
Elena Zimmerman
Roberta and Gary Zimmerman
Eugenya and Gregory Zinger
Glace Ziperovich
Linda Zipp
Joshua Zlotlow
Alicia and Howard Zlotnick
Josef Zoldan
Molly and Leonard  Zoll
Rebecca Zolott
Sara Zolott
Rimma Zubarevsky
Bette and Marshall  Zucker
Sandra and Bruce Zuraw
Trinka and David Zweig
Kathleen and Jay Zybelman
Alex Zyman
Ellen and Jack Zyroff

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