Board Chair Reflections: Poway Tragedy

What a difficult week. I do not mean for me or the community, although we are all impacted. An incredibly generous and energetic member of our community, Lori Kaye, z”l, was senselessly murdered through a vile act of anti-Semitism. I did not know Lori, but I attended her funeral, hearing expressions of love and unimaginable pain from her husband and daughter.  First and foremost, we mourn her loss and seek to comfort the family and all of the victims. Those injured continue to suffer the physical and psychological effects of this tragedy. The Poway Chabad family needs to heal from this trauma. We are mobilizing resources and are witnessing incredible responses from organizations and individuals throughout the community to ensure that we are taking all possible steps to help in their recovery.
During this difficult time, the community has received an outpouring of support from every religious, geographic and political corner of our country.  All of the victims have one message:  Enough (again). It must stop. Personally, layered on my sadness is anger – anger about the factors that have given rise to increasing assaults on Jews in America, let alone around the world.  We are all tired of “thoughts and prayers." Change is necessary.
We are a resilient people, and no hate-filled bigot will defeat us. They only strengthen our resolve as a people.  While society must address the various components of the problem, in San Diego we will do our part individually and as a Federation to ensure our future.

Shabbat Shalom,

Brian Tauber
Board Chair


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