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Federation's Impact in France

We are often asked whether there is a case for “core” giving. We are asked whether the collective has measurable impact. We are asked whether we are adapting to the changing realities of the Jewish world. This week we have only to listen to the reports on TV and in the newspapers; the …

Israel Prepares for a Dramatic Increase in Aliyah from French Jews


Well before last week’s tragic events that rocked the French community, and communities around the world, aliyah (immigration) to Israel from France had been at its highest rate due to rising anti-Semitism throughout the country. According to a statement made by Ariel Kandel, the Jew…

Reporting Live from Paris - JAFI


Federation Board Approves $5,000 for France Jewry

As we are filled with grief and continue to mourn the loss of innocent lives that were a result of terrorist attacks in France last week, the Jewish Federation pledges to support and standby our fellow brothers, sisters, and the entire Jewish community of France.


On Monday, January 12…