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Live Kindly at Options

Watch kindness unfold in the viral video One Day. Discover the power of random acts of kindness as they pass from one individual to the next and boomerang back to the person who set it into motion.

On Sunday, February 24, please join us for the largest gathering of Jewish women in San Die…

Rabbi Hamrell Takes Healing Beyond the Prison Wall

Rabbi Hamrell in her Talmud class at CIW. Photo by Julie Gruenbaum Fax.

The phone rang at 10 p.m. that Friday in December a few years ago, long after Rabbi Miriam Hamrell’s children and grandchildren had left her condo in Marina del Rey, Calif. Hamrell and her husband, Chuck, were still …

This is the Sabra Sport GT – The First Israeli Sportscar

The Sabra Sport GT built holds the unique distinction of being the only production Israeli sports car ever made, it was built by Autocars Co. Ltd – Israel’s first domestic car manufacturer.

Autocars Co. Ltd – Israel’s First Domestic Car Manufacturer

The company was founded in 195…

Welcoming Miri Ketayi

When Miri Ketayi arrived at the Jewish Federation of San Diego County as the new Director of Israel and Overseas on December 6th, she brought a wealth of experience building bridges between Diaspora and Israeli communities.

Most recently the Director of Israel and International Education …

A Dutch Couple Find Forgotten Holocaust History in Their Countryside Home

Roxane van Iperen’s home was once the center for one of Holland’s most daring Holocaust rescue operations. She wrote about it in “The High Nest.” (Jan Willem Kaldenbach)

AMSTERDAM (JTA) — Despite its rustic charms, the dream home that Roxane van Iperen and her partner bought near…