Jewish Chaplaincy Services


The Jewish Community Chaplain ensures no Jew is alone in time of need.  Rabbi Dalin responds to the acute pastoral and spiritual needs of unaffiliated Jews in San Diego County who are ill, at end-of-life or experiencing life crises, including those in hospitals, long-term care facilities, prisons and other institutions.


Jewish Chaplaincy Services is a joint project of the Jewish Federation of San Diego County and the San Diego Rabbinical Association.



  • Works with all San Diego hospitals to assure that the spiritual and religious needs of Jewish patients are met

  • Visits unaffiliated patients as requested by patient, family or hospital staff

  • Offers spiritual support by phone when preferred by patient or when a visit is not possible

  • Provides spiritual support for the unaffiliated upon the death of a loved one

  • Assists in making final arrangements (advance planning or at time of need)

  • Officiates at funerals, memorial services and unveilings

  • Makes appropriate referral for ongoing bereavement support

  • Makes pastoral visits upon referral to unaffiliated homebound or those in long-term care facilities

  • Visits Jewish inmates in correctional facilities and assists local prison staff in meeting their Jewish religious needs

  • Advises Jews regarding life cycle events such as baby namings, bnai mitzvah, conversion and weddings




Rabbi Ralph A. Dalin was ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York. He is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and studied for two years at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. His affiliations include the Rabbinical Assembly, the National Association of Jewish Chaplains and the San Diego Rabbinical Association. Rabbi Dalin serves on the Biomedical Ethics Committee of Sharp Grossmont Hospital and on the C.P.E. Professional Consultation Committee of Sharp Memorial Hospital.


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We're here to help in time of need.


Contact Rabbi Dalin by emailing him below or call at 858.922.8107.


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Going into surgery, I shared with the Rabbi just how scared I was. He read some prayers. One of his prayers comforted me and offered a perspective I needed in that moment. The Rabbi suggested I use that prayer as a mantra while waiting for my surgery. As I followed Rabbi Dalin's advice, I had an experience which led to me being wheeled into the surgery at peace and unafraid.


I am eternally grateful for Rabbi Dalin who was there for me in such an extraordinary way.





Without a doubt, the availability and services that the Jewish Community Chaplain provides have improved our patient satisfaction and affirmed our community efforts to respectfully provide the Spiritual  Care Services of choice for each and every one of our patients.  Myself, our Spiritual Care Volunteers, hospital leadership, unit managers and unit secretaries all breathe easier knowing that a knowledgeable, sensitive and institutionally respectful individual is standing by to minister to our Jewish patients and their families.