Meet Yafit, an Ethiopian-Israeli woman impacted by YOU.

When Yafit was seven, she and her family began to walk. For a month and a half, they scaled mountains and forded rivers, moving in silence to avoid the attention of robbers and kidnappers.


When they arrived in Sudan, the family slept in a tent city, biding their time and fending off mosquitos and dysentery. But when Yafit and her younger sister became too weak to travel further, their parents left them behind, promising that they could join them once their strength returned.

Time passed. Nothing happened. One night as they slept, a stranger came into their tent and nudged them awake. Thinking it was a dream, she boarded a truck and was whisked away to an airport. Next thing she knew, she was embracing her parents in the Promised Land.

As a new immigrant who knew neither the language nor culture of her new country, Yafit faced significant hurdles to success, but she was determined. She learned Hebrew, earned a degree in education and started teaching Hebrew to Russian immigrants in Ashdod.

Now, as head of JDC’s Southern Region’s Career Advancement Program, Yafit works with dozens of Israeli women one-on-one, assessing their potential and helping them plan and reach goals for a better future. All because of YOU.

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