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Pluralism in Israel - A Federation Perspective

Now is the Time to Engage


Many acting together have the strength to change the course of history, but individuals acting alone can only stand by and watch as the Jewish people unravel.


Endless articles and opinion pieces have been written about the extreme action of the…

A Letter from JDC Disaster Relief

Dear San Diego Jewish Community,

It is with profound concern that I've been watching the news out of Florida, distressed by stories of mass power outages, flooding, destruction to property, and, of course, the thousands of people who braved the storm in shelters and are desperate to…

Moishe House Open House

Federation Board members Simone Abelsohn and David Bramzon joined Michael Sonduck, Federation CEO, to celebrate fixing a new Mezuzah to the doorposts of the house in Pacific Beach.  The ceremony was led by Rabbi Baruch Rock of  Orot HaCarmel of Carmel Valley.

Pictured are reside…