The San Diego Holocaust Survivor Coalition

San Diego is home to nearly 500 Holocaust Survivors, many who are outliving their resources and experiencing emerging and dynamic needs. They are at risk for poor physical and mental health, depression, and social isolation. They face challenges that can trigger memories of their traumatic experiences. After enduring one of the darkest periods in human history, we want to ensure they live comfortably and with dignity for the remaining years of their lives. Taking care of Holocaust survivors is not just the responsibility of any one organization, but the responsibility of our entire community.


The San Diego Holocaust Survivor Coalition is a collaboration of Jewish organizations, institutions, and individuals that are dedicated to providing Survivors with the respect and dignity they deserve. It is only together that we can address the complex needs of this vulnerable population and offer access to vital medical and food services, compassionate care, and the social embrace of our community.


Based on the belief that we can do far more together than any one of us can do alone, now is the time for us to renew and fulfill our promise to NEVER FORGET, NEVER AGAIN. As partners, we will work together to embrace the remaining Holocaust survivors in San Diego.


We invite every organization and individual to join us in this endeavor.  Why?  Because we are STRONGER TOGETHER.



How We Will Honor Survivors


The complexity of their situation requires a strategic, community-wide approach. The Jewish Federation of San Diego is proud to partner with Jewish Family Service and the Jewish Community Foundation to mobilize community resources, to activate volunteers, and elevate the level of care and connection for San Diego Survivors.

Once the most pressing needs are addressed, our goal is to implement a second phase of the project dedicated to honoring and preserving the memeories of Survivors through education, volunteerism, and remembrance.





Proud Partners